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January 05, 2010

jig community riddle

25 visual riddles by the JIG community, it's jig community riddle.


Anonymous said...


Lichen Fairy said...

Fun puzzles. Nice timewaster.

Thank you Bart.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Bart!

Florencia said...

i love this things! thanks bart! but english is not my first language, so im already lost in number 3 :(

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, Florencia. I dont know the second... But for the english language people this is really nice game, I think so...

Miss Piggy said...

Number 2 is simple. Just do literally what it says.

Miss Piggy said...

Clues for some levels (please add to the ones I haven't got):

Most of them are phrases etc...

1 - What do people tell you to do on a hard puzzle sometimes? _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _

2 - Literally do what it says.

3 - Think golf.

4 - There's one word that you can put in front of all of these to make them into different things. _ _ C K _ .

5 - Those words seem familiar from somewhere... A festive song, maybe?

6 - HINT: If you go round the ring in the right order, you get the word engagement. Both of the answer words are in what I just said.

7 - 3 words which are pain. They make pains. Now what are they doing?

8 - Look at where the word I'm is in relation to the word myself. You need both of these words in your answer, but with one in the middle.

9 - How many clouds? _ _ / C L O U D / _ _ _ _ .

10 - Can't think of a hint here, so 42.

11 - It's a country. HINT: CH are IN the letter A.

12 - Hey, where's the top half of the word?

13 - Symbol equation for water.

14 - Each number (EG: 4) is equal to the number of letters in the word (four). So if twenty-three is 11 then thirteen must be...

15 - This one's confusing to explain, so the answer is: three degrees below zero.

16 - What do you want in the dark? A light source.
When it says "My heart is wicked." It doesn't mean wick-ed. It means contains a wick. That should be enough to help.

B1 - Click the word and it compresses.

B2 - Which letters are missing? Write them down then look at them. They are numerals. So work out what number they make up altogether.

B3 - The letters are scrambled. Correct them and you get eggs.

B4 - NASWER = trial separation

B5 - They are all thumbs not fingers.

B6 - Root Beer _ _ _ _ _ (what are the words doing?)

B7 - It's an anagram.

B8 - You must focus the word group.

B9 - There's No L.

I only put hints cos a game isn't a game if you just use the walkthrough all the time.

Someone(haha) said...

Awww that game was SOO good!! lol time well wasted

Anonymous said...

thank you miss piggy but even with the help of your hints, it's still very difficult for non native speakers

Miss Piggy said...

If you say which level you are stuck on I will elaborate on the clue.

Miss Piggy said...

If you are the anonymous with lvl 2 problems, you know it says tpye the answer? Do that. "The Answer".

Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss piggy. That helped a lot.

Anonymous said...

I dont know the 5. There is the song and english is not my first language.

AJ said...

Wow, even for an english speaking person, some of them made my head hurt! Fantastic to see them all collated somewhere though.

Number 5 - On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree. On the second day of christmas my truelove gave to me 'two t_ _ _ _ _ d_ _ _ _'. Hope this helps.

Margaret said...

wow these don't seem hard, but I can't get the first to actually accept my answer, so, yeah. It's probably my browser, cause I use Opera, but still. :>(

Anonymous said...

thanks AJ!!! next ones that i cant get are 8. and B1...

Miss Piggy said...


I'm is next to myself. What is another word for next to? Hint: I'm _ _ _ _ _ _ myself.

Some people say things like: I'm ________ myself with glee.

B1 - As my clue said, when you click the word air, it compresses. Leaving you with: C _ _ P _ _ _ _ E D / A _ R

Anonymous said...

i dont get 12. please help!!!!!!!

Izzy said...

Uses lots of innovative and out of the box thinking! Quite tricky actually.

Miss Piggy said...

The word is life, right? And there is half of it. Put the two together (not necessarily in that order).


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