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January 09, 2010

fox marathon

Minoto's point and click exercise for this week has arrived: fox marathon.


Lilian said...

Yey, I love minoto games <3

Anonymous said...

Done! Very nice, very easy!

Riiick said...

Fox run end. Only one method.

vitty said...

Bello,bello e facile!!

GABBY said...

These games are so fun. I couldn't think about solving this game in a realistic way, since it doesn't make since, that's why I like minoto games so much. here are some quick hints:

1. bananas give you energy

2.clippers + plastic model + glue = ?

3. slide+ toy = ?

4. doens't that giant blob look like snow?

5.who sells sushi?

6. that duckie turtle is missing something on its head

7. what can be in a cradle?

okay these hints i made are weird but they should help. i don't want to give everything since some parts are really easy. hope this helps a little.

Margaret said...

I completely love Minoto games. This one was strange, but as soon as I started not thinking it was easy!

NotMarian said...

That is exactly what I needed today!!

But what a weird one, this time. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

easier than normal. took me like two minutes. And since no one said it, FIRST!

Anonymous said...

ooohhh nnnooo shaken baby syndrom!!!

Anonymous said...

Man,we need more games.PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Finished yay!!! Thanks Gabby! ur second hint helped me finish ;)

bekah xx

way too easy said...

too easy

Anonymous said...

What,Did everyone get abducted or something??


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