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December 19, 2009

kaitai dismantement, the mouse

Kaitai dismantement, the mouse: a new dismantle puzzle, armed with only a screwdriver, can you dismantle the mouse?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am so bad at these!!Fun trying though!

Thijs said...

I got completely stuck with the white buttons on the top after you solve the puzzle. I see the clues, two, a diamond with the white button pressed down and a circle with it pressed up. Makes no sense to me.

Péter Györök said...

"Kaitai" is Japanese for "dismantling" so the game's title should be "Mouse dismantlement".

Thijs said...

Oke, got to solve the word puzzle on the botton for it to make sense

Anonymous said...

stuck on the circle and diamonds grid at the bottom! :(

Péter Györök said...

Finished with 3 explosions...

AJ said...

Argh!!! Sorry guys. I'm stuck. I've managed to solve everything, including the puzzle at the top of the mouse after you remove the cable. I've removed the screw in the grey bit at the top, and cannot find anything else to do! Please help. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Anonymous said...

AJ...always click to remove pieces...

Anonymous said...

What in the world do i do with the letter thing in the box at the bottom of the mouse. I think it has to do with the letters on to put i cant figure it out.

Zenrage said...

3 explosions

Loin said...

I am also having trouble with the word problem on the bottom. Does it relate to the fuses on the left side?

Loin said...

13th Help Please.

Anonymous said...

Loin, I would guess that it has to do something with the letters and numbers that are on top of the box that the puzzle is in, but i haven't solved the puzzle myself. Also, the fuses have to do with the puzzle at the top, I did solve that puzzle.

Loin said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

If you do solve the bottom puzzle, please tell me how solve it

Anonymous said...

2 explosions. Did not know those arrows can be turned.

Anonymous said...

im stuck! I can't find out the code for the puzzle on the top of the mouse and the fuses. and what does the word puzzle mean? please help!

Anonymous said...

I can't figure the letter puzzle out myself but to solve the fuse puzzle use the numbers that correspond to the correct side of the fuse. The one on the left is 5 + 6.

Coffeeteamix said...

for the bottom letter puzzle:

hint#1 think of it as a mathematical equation. what math sign do you see?

hint#2 it's some kind of matrix subtraction so that each element in the 2nd "1x4 matrix" is subtracted from the element in the corresponding position in the first "1x4 matrix"

hint#3 the actual subtraction is more graphical. Look at how the letters/numbers are written, not what they actually mean.

answer: W-V = V (because W looks like 2 Vs stuck together)
8-E = I (think of a digital clock, if you make the character "8" on a digital clock, then take out the lines required for E, what do you have left?)
4-I = L
O with stroke in middle - I = O (basically you're just taking out that weird extra stroke)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I couldn't figure it out at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck in the same spot as AJ and I only managed to solve the white buttons at the top by accident. What do I click on to remove a piece?

Anonymous said...

ok i'm stuck again! )= for the code puzzle i put in for left 5+6 and for the right i put 2+8 but i dont think its right. what does the code puzzle even do?

Anonymous said...

To turn the mouse over, click the circle that says "back".

Anonymous said...

for the left it is 5+6 which is 11 and the right is 2x8 which is 16.
I'm pretty much stuck after that though. It would be good if one of the people who has finished could post a walkthrough...(pretty please :))

Anonymous said...

How do you get the other half of the lock at the top? ive done it before but i forget

Coffeeteamix said...

to Anonymous who solved the top puzzle by accident:
I don't think you can do anything about that yet... go do the word puzzle first!

Anonymous said...

Where do you enter the answer to the word puzzle?
There doesn't seem to be anything that I can change by clicking on it.

Coffeeteamix said...


1) turn the mouse around (click on circle at top right)
2) remove all the screws by clicking on them (you don't need to find a screwdriver, you have it by default)
3) remove panel and roller balls by clicking on them

first puzzle - wheel
4) return to full view of the underside, and then click on top panel with the white circle
5) play around with the stuff there persistently, and you should see something familiar show up
6) answer: you should see 1/2 a lock scroll up. question: how do you access the other side of the lock?
7) hint: what on the mouse do you think can affect a wheel this high up on the mouse?
8) answer: turn the mouse to the front and click once on the scroll wheel
9) turn your mouse back to the underside and click the scrollers again until the other side of the lock also shows up. At this point, it will automatically unlock, revealing a screw
10) remove the screw and click on the black box it was holding to remove it

2nd puzzle - numbers
11) after removing the box, you should now see that you need a 4 digit code.
12) for ever 2 digits, it is connected to 2... resistor things? with a symbol between them.
13) if you were actually looking at the mouse when you were zooming in and out, you may have noticed the same resistors and symbols somewhere else on the mouse.
14) it's directly below this puzzle on the left. Go to it now if you haven't memorized it already
15) note what the symbols mean: diamond == addition, square == multiplication
16) the resistors have numbers, yea! but they have 2 set of numbers, how do you know which one is which?
17) Hint: if you zoom out, you can see both the clue and the puzzle at the same time. Note the orientation of the resistors
18) Answer: each side of each resistor is represented by a number. Find the numbers corresponding to the side of the resistors that is directly attached to the symbol.
19) exact answer: it should be 5+6 and 2*8. do the math
20) exact precise answer: 1116
21) something moved up top, good, back out and click on top of mouse
22) remove the plug. Note the pattern of switches and the fact that you can move them.

Coffeeteamix said...

third puzzle - click
23) zoom out. You'll see another clue on the right. Zoom into it.

24) looks like a sequence. What on a mouse would allow you to enter in a sequence consisting only of 2 input side by side?

25) left click/right click

26) memorize the sequence (black means depressed), flip the mouse over, and execute the sequence. If you did it correctly, something should click

27) before you go, take note of the mouse. They face the cheese, makes sense.

forth puzzle - letters
28) back to the underside, notice that the lock symbol in the center is now unlocked. Click on it to remove it, take out the screw, and click on it again to remove the whole panel.

29)zoom out and see that you've revealed a screw for the letter box. Zoom into it and remove it.

30) Click the box to open it and notice that you need a 4 letter code.

31) Close the box using the circle at the top right and examine the information on the box.

32) hint#1 think of it as a mathematical equation. what math sign do you see?

33)hint#2 it's some kind of matrix subtraction so that each element in the 2nd "1x4 matrix" is subtracted from the element in the corresponding position in the first "1x4 matrix"

34) hint#3 the actual subtraction is more graphical. Look at how the letters/numbers are written, not what they actually mean.

35) answer: W-V = V (because W looks like 2 Vs stuck together)
8-E = I (think of a digital clock, if you make the character "8" on a digital clock, then take out the lines required for E, what do you have left?)
4-I = L
O with stroke in middle - I = O (basically you're just taking out that weird extra stroke)
answer: VILO

fifth puzzle - switches
36) you've revealed 2 more screws. Remove them

37) remove the box. you will have to close the box to do so.

38) a clue. Does this configuration remind you of something?

39)It looks like the switches at the top of the mouse

40) Memorize the clue, take a wild guess as to what each symbol mean, and go try it out. There are only 2 choices.

41) Circles == flip up, diamond == flip down. So go flip the first + 3rd column up

42) a new screw is revealed. Remove it and refrain from panicking at the realization that you cannot remove anything on this screen. But you just removed a screw... must do something somewhere... where?

43) Where you got the clue for this puzzle, maybe?

44) Go back to the bottom of the mouse where you got the clue for the switches. Click on the bunch of wires to remove them.

45) take out remaining screw, zoom out, click red triangle at bottom right to remove panel, take out new screw, remove T shaped hold, remove 2 more screws, remove the metallic looking hinges the screws were holding in place, click below white line to remove bottom panel, panic at the bomb

Nevermore said...

I like these for some reason.

Coffeeteamix said...

final puzzle - bomb
46) there's a screw! but obviously if you use it now, it'll lead to bomb going off

47) do those arrows remind you of anything?

48) how about the approximate location of this puzzle in relation to the rest of the mouse?

49) remember the mouse who likes cheese and point inwards towards the cheese? why are these arrows pointing outwards?

50) turn mouse to the front, note that at approximately same location as the bomb, there are 3 poor mice facing away from the cheese.

51) click on the mice to help them face the right way

52) go back to the bomb and note that the arrows are now pointing inwards. Now use your screwdriver on the dial in the center. Instead of blowing up, the light turns green

53) click on timer/light fixture to reveal a screw

54) remove screw, remove bomb, remove dial

55) Dismantlement finished! Ding!

AJ said...

Ahhh... that's exactly where my problem is. Step 44. It doesn't seem to matter what I click on, nothing moves, nothing new happens. Thanks for your help guys. Will come back to this one later and have another go.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Coffeeteamix!!

lexis said...

totally could have never done that without the walkthrough.
thx so much!

Anonymous said...

Never knew there were explosives in a mouse...

Brownie said...

lol, the anonymous under lexis, so true :P luv it

fraaan said...

i did it!!!!! it wasn't easy!!! good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

i would like to say that it is a fun game, i wish it wasn't in Japanese, and THANK YOU COFFEETEAMIX!

Margaret said...

Thank you so very much for the walkthrough and most especially for the bomb! I kept setting it off. The crazy things they put in electronics these days...

NotMarian said...

I got it!!! Thanks to Coffeeteamix's explanation of that letter code at the bottom. I NEVER would have figured that out on my own.

Anonymous said...

i never knew the creator of the mouse would put a bomb in his/her invention! i mean where would he/she even find a bomb and one even small enough to fit in a mouse? Oh, and not marian, (one above me) by saying you are not marian just makes people think you are marian! :)

Anonymous said...

Coffeeteamix, is there a step missing in Puzzle 2? I already got 1116 -- but where/how do I actually enter it? I've tried clicking everything!

Anonymous said...

@coffeeteamix -- Ack, never mind. I had skimmed over the first puzzle because I thought it was something I'd already solved. I was wrong. All set now!

Coffeeteamix said...

@ Anonymous who has problem with 1116:

did step 11 make sense to you? Did you remove that box and see you need a 4 digit code, 2 digits on the left, 2 digits on the right?

If not, you might want to backtrack from there!

Anonymous said...

I got to where you remove the top thing, but now I'm stuck. :(

PS: combo for 2nd lock is 11-16

Anonymous said...

4 Explosions!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS With the bomb, go to the front and then click on the cheese.
Click the mice till they all face the cheese, the go to the back
turn the screw on the bomb
(normally, this would make the bomb blow up, but if the mice are right, the bomb will turn green.)

qwerty said...

thank you coffeeteamix
no. 31975

Anonymous said...

kaitai means cellphone so why is it called cellphone dismantement??? And yes i know and speak fluently so ha.....


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