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December 14, 2009

ice breaker, the gathering

Get ready for some more viking themed ice slicing in Nitrome's latest puzzler ice breaker, the gathering, a new addition to the ice breaker games.


Loin said...

Gonna stop it. Also another nice game from nitrome.

Fitz said...

Finished the 8 levels. Locked out until December 21st.

Most are very easy just a little trial and error.

Anonymous said...

Man,I was really good at the other icebreakers so why am I having trouble now?

Anonymous said...

Can't get past level 4! Help?

Fitz said...

Level 4.

Blow the bottom bomb. The big rock will teeter back.

Cut the top bomb so it rolls down to the wheel, then blow it up.

Cut the man loose, he will skid over the gap into a new gap against the wheel.

Cut the final bomb. It rolls down. Blow it up so it takes a chunk out of the wheel.

The wheel will rotate until the man falls into the crater and gets carried over to the boat.

The Vikings (Favre and Peterson) live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

How do you get the bombs to blow up?

Lichen Fairy said...

Cut across the bombs to blow them up.

Thijs said...

Fun game, but it's a shame you need luck to get a normal highscore. It's almost impossible to get through all levels in one go. In level 4 for example half the time the viking doesn't make it over the gap. Which means you need to start over.

Someone(haha) said...

what??? it says that I can only have 1 level! what is this????? I hav to option to restart or quit. Helppppp! >:-O

louis said...

cind of pefetick not the nintrome standerd =(

Anonymous said...

This is difficult! I loved the other 2 Ice Breakers, but this one I'm struggling with!

NaTeR TaTeR said...

D's Icebreaker games r fun and amazing d: :P

P.S. Hi Mom


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