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November 23, 2009

hotel catastrophe

You find yourself trapped inside a hotel that just got hit by an earthquake, try to escape hotel catastrophe, a new Rosiana Dharmadi game.


Anonymous said...


loin said...

Bonte reference in the bathroom

Coffeeteamix said...

Hi =) Thanks loin for pointing out Bonte reference XD That's awesome =D

Anyone understand the electrical panel puzzle at 1808? What's my objective? Just to "disattach" the red ones (ie. not have anything pointing to them)? Or to connect the green dots to the electricity symbols?

Thanks =)

Thijs said...

Connect the green dots without connecting the red ones to the power at the top.

I'm totally stuck on the puzzle at the first fllor elevator myself.

Coffeeteamix said...

Thanx Thijs =)

I'm now stuck on 1st floor elevator puzzle too!
At first, I thought n == 1 and we had to do a magic square using that. But if purple = n+6, then 3 purples == 21~! Why would this choice even be available? =/

Coffeeteamix said...

got it =)

n == number of circles

so 1 orange == 1 circles + 3 == 4
2 orange == 2 circles + 3 == 5

The scheme on the left just says upper left has 2 circles, middle has 2 circles, bottom middle has 1 circle, but doesn't tell you the colour.. so top left can be either 2, 5, or 8, for example

And using this information you make a unique magic square =)

Thijs said...

I actually gave up and just used the walkthrough for that last part. I mistook the n=O (circle) for n=0 (zero) and got all the numbers wrong.

Coffeeteamix said...

yeah, i got the idea from reading another forum =P

did you get all the secret circles? I'm missing 2! ><

Thijs said...

I missed 1, there's one if you go back with the crowbar to the floor you start on.

Coffeeteamix said...

Thanks Thijs =) That one was tricky T_T

Anonymous said...

how do I get in room 1808?, help please

JJ said...

use the towel!

Anonymous said...

I did that, but now what? how do you open the door?

Coffeeteamix said...

@ Anonymous:
which part are you stuck at? Do you have access to the electric board puzzle yet? Or are you having trouble bringing up the puzzle in the first place?

Anonymous said...

now I am in the 1st floor, out of the elevator

Coffeeteamix said...

oh good ^___^ congrats ^___^

Jared said...

finished game, i went to the cheat page. =) I cheated +(

Jared said...

this is my second post ever!

Anonymous said...

Jared, don't feel bad, as I found that I had to cheat, too, because there are a few things in this game that just don't make sense - one being the wiring puzzle, because the lines don't even match-up when the puzzle is actually completed! That in itself confused me for a while, because I was trying to make straight lines (what a concept, right?) Maybe a little more attention to detail was needed. Anyway, I just stopped playing after a while because I didn't find much there to keep me interested. I say quality not quantity is more important sometimes. Although I did like the little green dots =) That was the most fun part of this game.

Carly said...

I quite liked it! In fact I thought it was too short. And yes, the last puzzle was misleading because I also thought that n was a zero, and therefore red was zero, which didn't make sense. So I cheated, too :( But I liked the design of it and got about 37 orbs :)

Anonymous said...

If you're going crazy trying to find all the dots, here's a picture with their locations:

Anonymous said...

Where is the secret room on the 10th floor?

Coffeeteamix said...

not so much a secret room as a secret exit... that you can get to with the help of something you picked up in the maintenance room on the 56 floor~

Anonymous said...

elevator puzzle is all messed up.I made top left, middle, bottom right all 2 orange circles. top right, bottom middle, and left middle purple single circle. and then the rest 3 red, which adds up, but it won't accept it

Coffeeteamix said...

@ Anonymous: each square has to have a unique number. So you can't have "left, middle, bottom right all 2 orange circles", etc.

sOMEONE(HAHA) said...

grrr how do u get out of the first room, im stuck. walkthrough please! <:(

Coffeeteamix said...

1st room:
1) Look out window - it tells you the premise of the game

2) Click on suitcase: the code is on the top
3) the code is the answer of the question on top of the suitcase
4) 15*3 = 15x3 = 45. The code is 45

in suitcase:
5) take the card
6) click the brown pocket above the shirt for a coin

7) click outside the suitcase to put away suitcase
8) click entrance by the window to go to washroom
9) take towel
10) explore a bit
11) you'll notice that you can turn on tap of bathtub. what can hold water?

exit room:
11) go back to the room
12) click the other entrance that says "to the door" when you hover over it
13) drag keycard from your inventory to the door
14) click opened door to go to hallway

15) click furthest door that says "looks like a storeroom"

16) take screwdriver (on shelf)
17) take empty bucket (on floor)
18) what is an empty bucket good for?
19) go back to your room's washroom

18) turn on bath tub tap and fill bucket with water
19) go back to hallway

20) click below exit sign to go to exit

facing exit:
21) oh no! exit is blocked (obviously)
22) pick up mechanical piece on the ground
23) go back to hallway

24) click on the only room you haven't visited yet that you CAN visit
25) it's the last room on the left

room 1808:
26) hover your mouse over various things.
27) there's a HOLE, over which you say "I need to disable the electricity." What in your inventory can help you accomplish this goal?
28) water is good for wrecking electronic things
29) notice that pouring bucket of water in hole is not allowed. What can make the water stay long enough to kill electricity?
30) towel
31) stick the towel in the hole, and then pour water on the towel
32) take your towel back
33) click the hole to look inside

electric panel:
34) drag your screwdriver to each screw (you don't have to let go)
35) click to remove cover
36) looks like the middle is missing a square grey piece. do you have any square grey things to put in there?
37) drag the mechanical piece you got near the exit into the center
38) now just play around with the pieces until there's something pointing at all the electricity signals and green dots, but nothing pointing at the red dots.
39) Don't worry if some of the lines don't line up exactly, as long as they're pointing/not pointing at the correct things. and that there's some kind of connection from electricity to green dots
40) once you're done, the creases will turn yellow and the door will open
41) click door to go into room

room 1808:
42) check the table
43) open little table drawer on the left
44) take the keycard
45) go back to the hallway

46) click on the right to go to elevators

47) use the keycard from room 1808 to open elevator door
48) click on elevator to get in. it will take you to 2nd floor and then get stuck
49) click the door to get out

2nd floor:
50) look at corridor
51) use screwdriver on "hotel map" and then click to remove it
52) take the key that falls out
53) click the stack of paper. Where do you think you should go now?
54) go back to elevator and click 56 and then close door symbol
55) click door to get out

56th floor:
56) use the key to get into staff only room

Coffeeteamix said...

maintenance room:
57) get wrench
58) get crowbar
59) study the poster on the wall in front of you (you can click it to get a copy)
60) does any of that mean anything to you? A square with arrows pointing in all directions, and then "sum=15"? LIFTunique? RYB?
61) those are the rules of a magic square. Basically, you have to put the numbers 1-9 in a 3x3 square so that each element is UNIQUE (ie. don't use the number 1 twice) and each row, each column, and the 2 main diagonals add up to 15. RYB are colours: red yellow, blue. A little venn diagram on the left kindly tells you what "R+Y" would make, in case you forget. This means you'll have to do a magic square at some point using colours
62) go back to the lobby of this floor, then click on the right of the screen to explore rest of this floor

otherside of 56th floor:
63) vending machine... remind you of anything in your inventory?
64) give coin to vending machine to get a cola
65) note that spa door is locked
66) go back to 2nd floor

2nd floor:
67) note that there's another elevator that's stuck. can you do anything about that?
68) open the door with crowbar then click to look in

other elevator:
69) you say you want to go to floor 1 through the panel. it's bolted down. what to do?
70) try using wrench on it. says its rusted. what to do?
71) do you remember any silly science experiment involving rusted nails and/or dirty pennies? How to make them clean again? using a popular beverage?
72) pour cola on bolts. wipe clean with towel. unscrew with wrench. click to lift. click again to go down
73) hover over control panel. you say you don't want to touch with bare hands
74) take key on the ground
75) you've been to every floor, can you remember a room you still need key for?
76) go back to 56th floor and enter spa with key

77) see anything in there you want?
78) remember the other elevator? you don't want to use bare hands?
79) look gloves in glass cabinet!
80) try all keys + realize they don't fit. what to do?
81) break glass with crowbar. take gloves, go back to 2nd floor to enter other elevator

other elevator:
82) use gloves to look at control panel
83) look familiar?
84) bring up instructions for magic square and try to solve it
hint #1: look at instructions, it says R = n, R+Y = n+3, R+B = n+6. This is instructions for translating colours into numbers
hint #2: n = O means n is the number of circles
hint #3: combined, these two clues says: 1R=1, 2R=2, 3R=3, 1Orange=4, 2Orange=5... etc
hint #4: The circles on a grid in the instructions tells you the NUMBER of circles that should be in the top left, middle, and bottom middle location, but NOT THE COLOUR. So top left can be either 2, 5, or 8
hint #5: remember that each location must have a unique number. Since top left and middle has the same number of circles, that means they must be different colours
answer: top row - 2,9,4; middle row - 7,5,3; bottom row - 6,1,8
85) click opened door to go out to 1st floor

secret exit
1) where do you think it is?
2) is there any EXIT that you couldn't get to before but you can now?
3) using a crowbar, maybe?
4) how about the one on the floor where your room was?
5) go to 10th floor, go to exit, use crowbar to open door

first floor:
86) click on debris at back of room, starting with the stool
87) click the space you just cleared out
88) watch happy ending scene of you hugging your family who are fully intact =)

matt w said...

I liked this game a lot -- I needed help twice (couldn't find the storeroom, which was just carelessness, and couldn't figure out the very end) but overall it was very logical. Also good artwork.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone. It's strange. No towel in the the bathroom. Only something moving quickly from the bottom left hand side corner to the top right one, and i can't click on it. Is that normal?
thanks for your help

Coffeeteamix said...

Hi Anonymous, as far as I can tell that is not normal ^^;;


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