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November 10, 2009

find tealy

Can you find the 10 tealy in the new cute point and click game find tealy by Rosiana Dharmadi?


Robert Bell said...


Anonymous said...

yay found ten

Robert Bell said...

found 10 in 5.35,i think that's pretty bad

Anonymous said...

found 8??

where are 2 more ???

help me

Alison said...

Finally a game that I didn't need help with, lol. Cute.
Anonymous, without knowing which 8 you found I don't know which 2 you still need, but there is a walkthrough at the bottom of the game if you need help.

Robert Bell said...

anonymous, try looking to the stars

palat said...

Found all 10! Cute! Now who wants a walkthrough :-)

qwerty said...

i found 9 and I have the coffee cup left, the bird is flying around and the bunny head is jumping in place. I already looked at the stars. the caterpillar is a rainbow.

qwerty said...

ohhhh.. i was wondering what the magnifying glass was for.

Did worse than you Robert John!!,
my time is 8:03

Zenrage said...

the ten are located as follows

• the caterpillar: from left to right, make each ball subsequent color of the rainbow.

• the stars: click on each one

• the bushes: click on the bushes in the back

• the cup: use the cup on the magnifying lens icon

• the well: pick up the vines hanging from the trees and use it on the well.

• the hole in the tree: use the acorn located among the roots near the left edge of the screen.

• the branches: click on the bird to knock the bird out of the branches.

• the mushrooms: click on the top of each mushroom

• the plants: get each plant to stand up. Each plant affects itself and two others. From left to right:

1 - 1, 2, 4
2 - 2, 3, 5
3 - 1, 3, 4
4 - 2, 3, 4
5 - 1, 4, 5

Click plants: 1, 3 then 5.

Zenrage said...

Oops forgot one

• The bunny: give the bunny the red mushroom

Carly said...

Thanks qwerty! My time would have been around yours had I not spent the last five minutes looking!
Actually I had thought the magnifying glass had to do with shutting off special effect sounds as it is right next to the "shut off the music" button, sheesh.
Nice game, I really enjoyed it! :)

Omochao said...

Lovely game, beautiful graphics and music, with just the right amount of challenge. Another RoseDragon win :0)

Nevermore said...

What a fun little game!
Took me a little over six minutes; I was also down to the coffee cup at the end, that took half the time to figure out.

RoseDragon said...

Thanks for all the feedbacks guys and girls! I'm glad the game entertain you :) .

Rob said...

Pretty good i think...

airrin said...

my time 3:55!!! awesome game!!

Unknown said...

found them in 1.13..
Just random I guess :O

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jade said...


Disfuncion said...

Hi. This fun, as I see it.


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