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September 15, 2009

alice is dead: chapter 1

Alice is dead, but who are you? Find it out in the first chapter of this little point and click game.


Anonymous said...

first room where alice is dead:
1. pick bottle
2. take the note from alice body
3. take her leg bone
move to the right
1. click the shovel and take the stick.
2. take the rock new the down left corner of the box.

move to the next room, click the spiders to have a spider come out.

move to the next room and take the card.

move to the right back to alice body room.
1. use the rock on the bone.
2. click on the door to get closer to it.
3. click the sharpen bone on the door.
4. move to the room with the locked chest. the chest is now open.
5. click the chest and move out to the forest.
6. use the empty bottle on the tree with the acid.
7. move to the right. use the card on the card reader.
8. move to the right. use acid bottle on the web.
9. use the shovel stick on the sap.
10. combine the sap with the broken bottle glass to make a spear.
11. use the spear to stab the caterpillar, u get a len.
12. take the bell and key and move back to the lock tree door.
13. use the key on the door and click it to open it. Inside there is a suitcase with a combination lock.
14. move back to Alice body room. Use the len and look at the wall.
Right down the number in green. Move through the rooms from right to left and write down the numbers on the wall. you should get the following number: 829203
15. go back to the suitcase with the combination lock and enter the number above and you are done.

Anonymous said...

Having a walkthrough on the first comment kind of takes the fun out of it, no? But thanks!

Robert Bell said...

'13. use the key on the door and click it to open it. Inside there is a suitcase with a combination lock.'

er, no, this isn't happening. When I use the key and click the door it says 'you already unlocked the door, maybe there's another lock?'


Robert Bell said...

sorry,my bad, missed step 7... OUT!!!

Robert Bell said...

wooh, cool game...well creepy

Anonymous said...

Wow, it was good. I felt in the beginning, who I am.
It was funny =)

qwerty said...

this game is creeeepy. who would want the rabbit dead?

Joaquin said...

good game, cheers, bart!

Clea said...

Loved it. Creepy :)

Nevermore said...

Fantastic game!
Had to have help with the briefcase.

thieungukinhnien said...

Don’t play it when it’s 2.30am and you are alone. I am rabbity.

Anonymous said...

Its scarrrryyy :( i dont like it. easy tho ............... with the walkthrough lol

megbanana said...

its kinda creepy ... considering it being a different story of alice in wonderland ... who wants to kill the rabbit???

weenee said...

Who killed Alice??

Robert Bell said...

Hopefully there will be many more of these. Loved the design and the bogey-man song. I'm going to pitch now that the mad hatter killed Alice and wants the Rabbit dead. Looking for some sort of wonderland coup?

Anonymous said...

awesome !! but scary 2 .

Anonymous said...

Alice probably died of radiation from all the green goo... she did write she felt sick... It looks like Alice wanted the rabbit dead or was commissioned to do it... she wrote it several times (this is all under the assumption that Alice wrote all the stuff on the walls - her hand was a green blob though, so I think its a safe assumption)...

Totally dug the creepy vibe - I've loved the creepy Alice concept ever since American McGee's Alice (If you haven't played it - you must!)...

Can't wait for Chapter 2

Anonymous said...

uh yah ew. okay totally gross
( was her hand REALLY a green gob? I am so unobservant! ) hah anyway, I got through this game pretty quickly. But honestly, why would someone want the rabbit dead. I dunno. well peace out, peeps!

Unknown said...

this is really great because of all the individual responses when you try to put random items on objects in each room

Anonymous said...

can someone please tell me where the second chapter is plz this game is fun

Elizabeth Bathory said...

I couldn't agree more with you guys; this game is absolutely brilliant. I too especially loved the individual responses(Yes, you broke a shovel. Your parents must be so proud.), I laughed so hard at them. I'm also very impressed by the way the scenes are made, the design and the concept. Although you know the original story, you have NO clue what's happening. Brilliant, rilliant, illiant.
can hardly wait for the next ones.

Anonymous said...

That first comment ruins it for everyone, why hasn't it been removed? Anyway this was a pretty good game, creepy but I'm looking forward to the next one
Nat Dawn B

Anonymous said...

WHERE IS THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! ALSOME!!!!!!!
I need another one now !!!
Oh and her hand had the grean goo on it because the killer put it on her hand. It is all a setup.Back to what i was saying, I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!I AM FADING AWAY.......
(Oh,it is NOT creapy!!!!!!)
GOOD BY CURL WORLD........I WILL DIE LIKE ALICE!!!!!!............

izsy said...

This is a pretty cool game!!! I like how this game is a darker and more erie version of alice in wonderland. also if any of you haven't already tried it, try to play American McGee's Alice. His sequal, Alice- The Madness Returns comes out in 2011. The teaser is on youtube so go look at that too. its not that creepy, but it says 18 and up. yea RIGHT!!!


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