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December 19, 2008

gatuno in christmas

Federico Rutenberg goes all christmassy in his latest point and click game Gatuno in Christmas.


Anonymous said...

yes... good game, Merry X-mas

Anonymous said...

Good game...Meowie Christmas!

Eli said...

House: talk to sad kid, take branch from left tree
Alley: use stick on right pipe mouth to get string, talk to big cat, click left pipe to find out that big cat wants food
House: fish bones from garbage
Alley: give fish to big car
Shop: talk to salesman, look at present
Alley: talk to small cat,
Street: check both pockets of man, get comb and chewing gum
House: get snail from fence, give gum to boy
Shop: show snail to salesman, get leaf
Alley: show snail to small cat, it will tell you you need a coin
House: get used gum from right of boy
Street: get eyes from white thing left of store, use comb on it
House: give kitten to boy, leave and come back to get empty bottle
Shop: give bottle to salesman, he’ll give you money
Alley: try to give coin to small cat, use string and gum on coin, give magic-coin to cat, but you’ll lose the race
Street: recognise the man is drinking energy drink now, use leaf on lose tile, use magic-coin on it to, get leaf back and give it to your snail
Alley: do the race again and win money
Shop: click on present, get it and a Santa hat
House: try to give boy present, use ball of hair on Santa hat and give boy present

Anonymous said...

cant see snail... any clues?

Miss Piggy said...

you have to go into the shop and look at the present first.


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