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December 14, 2008

christmas escape 2

Neutral prepared us an early christmas treat : Christmas escape 2.


Mirkó said...

Lovely game. I want to a same cristmastree in my flat.

Rob said...

Made a big tree!
Merry Christmas, Bart!

Anonymous said...

very nice...holidays are coming...YEAH! Merry Christmas to everybody...peace on earth!

Danny said...

Very nice game, merry christmas also from my wife

Anonymous said...

Wonderful game, and pretty easy too! Didn't need any help, which was quite satisfying. Loved the ending, also.

Anonymous said...

i would become rather angry, if a christmas tree would grew through my roof, but nice game, without any help

kelly said...

merry christmas!!!

marycathereen29 said...

Wow very cute and I did it without any help! Merry Christmas everybody!

Soňa said...

How can I get the matches?

Anonymous said...

after you take the ladder from the little room(you open the door by pressing the handle few times) you put it on the picture with the christmas tree and press the matches

Anonymous said...

i have a cup filled with water, what to do next?please help, i want to get out of that room ;)
merry christmas to you all

Anonymous said...

My god I feel stupid but, what do I do after I plant the seed? I need to water it, but I can't seem to find a recipient. ^________^

Anonymous said...

^ My previous post. I found the damn cup. ^____^

Merry Christmas to you all!

Anonymous said...

Nice game!!!

Anonymous said...

yes i got out woop woop

Anonymous said...

yes i got out tht is the best game ever i loved it i am only ten and i thought it was great everyone should try it all u do is collect bobles i found it so cool but tht is my apinyin

Anonymous said...

I can't resolve any games...

Anonymous said...

How I found the water?

Anonymous said...

Click the laptop and note that the columns are colored and the amounts can be changed.
Get the handle for the tap from behind the laptop, in the middle, on the left hand side.
Click the bottom left drawer and read through the book until you get the code 8+4*92.
Click under the desk and get the snowman ornament.
Click the lamp and get the orange light bulb.
Click the bears and get the bell ornament from under the left bear’s hat.
Go right and click the picture on the right. Get the gingerbread ornament from under it.
Click the calendar and note the arrow pointing upwards. You can view up and see something green in the vent.
Click in the sink and get the cup.
Use the handle for the tap on the tap and fill the cup with water.
Go right and click the books above the bed. Click the book lying down on its own to get the lab table key.
Go left, unlock the lab drawer, and get the lamp cord.
Go to the laptop enter your amounts of the test tube on the computer. Green: 2, Red: 1, Blue: 4, Yellow: 5, Black: 3.
Use this code on the coded cabinet under the sink and get the hammer.
Go right and click the lamp. Replace the light bulb.
Click to the left of the night table and plug in the cord.
Click the front of the night table and enter in the code you found in the green book. The bed will fold and now you can turn on the lamp.
Use the hammer on the crack that is on the floor, under the bed, and get the desk key.
Go right, open the desk cabinet and get the hand shovel and the seed. Read the note about the magical tree.
When you opened the present for the shovel, that also gives you the bow ornament.
Go left and use the shovel on the dirt in the floor, plant the seed, cover it, and then water it with the water from the mug. Turn on the lamp. According to the note in the present box, you will have to wait until the plant grows and gives a red ornament.
Go right and now you have mail on you computer. Follow the instructions, kick the door three times on the bottom, and then it is unlocked
Go right and kick the door, open it, get the ladder blue ornament from the bucket.
Click the top shelf and get the key card.
There is also a blue ornament in the bucket
Place the ladder in front of the calendar and go up.
Click on the green item in the vent it will fall on the floor.
Go down and pick it up. MAtches
Go right again and use the key card under the right side picture.
Get the glass vial. Look at the note. it tells u what to do
The tree should be a lot bigger. Get the red ornament.
Go to the sink and fill the bottle with water.
Go to the bunsen burner on the table and light it with the matches.
Place the bottle of water on the stand and move the burner under it.
Then add the blue liquid from the testtube.
Put in the red baubel
Use the blue liquid on the tree.
When it’s decorated, you should see a yellow baubel roll away. Click on it and it will change into a ornament.
Go left and use the ladder on the tree. And you’re out..

Margalicious said...

Beautiful Game! So nice and easy. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Reesa said...

What a cute game!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only guess from reading through the previous posts that a "baubel" is an ornament? I've never heard it called that before. Sorry to all the Europeans if that seems silly, but it's just as silly to me as an American to hear an ornament called anything but. Embrace the cultural differences =)

Stratoslover said...

aw wey, so fun :D

Bec said...

"bauble", not "baubel", but yes, that is what we call the round ones in England at any rate!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gr8 game!

Anonymous said...

I did it!!

Anonymous said...



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