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November 10, 2008


Mateusz Skutnik presents the first episode in a new point and click series: Tortuga.


Anonymous said...

look's cool.

Anonymous said...

Cute -looking forward to part 2!

thesmothete said...

Just a very short first chapter, but yes, it looks promising.

Anonymous said...

I found the key. THe pendulum and some other stuff in that cubby that you oppen with the key. But i dont understand the rest.

Anonymous said...

ooooh i love all his games this one was fun and pretty easy i look forward to playing the second episode!

Anonymous said...

Very very very very very short! But nice!

Anonymous said...

Hypnotize the parrot.
Spice up the octopus.
Note part of combination in secret cubby.
Map has clue for 2nd part of combination.
Put the other pirate to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is one of the varios other new point-and-click games he promised to continue. he's not very good at finishing up his series.

What's the differ to mateusz' games and pastelgames' games?


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