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November 10, 2008

cultural festival

Minoto's weekly point and click puzzle goes cultural, although I've never seen that beasty singer in cultural festival before.


Anonymous said...

i cant believe that the panda eats a piece of the octopuss tentacle-thats just so gross,surely thats some form of cannabilism.

thesmothete said...

Since all animals are sentient in this universe, it is a little weird. However, in real life octopus tentacle is really rather tasty.

Stage end clear. Any other endings?

Anonymous said...

oh dont get me wrong i enjoy meat and seafood ect i just think its a bit weird as they are all at the carnival and he just eats a bit that drops off lol. i got the same ending not aware of any others so far but im pretty sure there will be

agnes said...

Aw, as lovely as usual! :D
I went through a lot of old games here some time ago, and then I found some of the oldest Minoto games - it's quite amazing to see what a transformation he's been through when it comes to his games! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck

Anonymous said...

never mind

Anonymous said...

Stage end

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck, how do i get the third part for the kebab?

Anonymous said...

cannibalism eating an organism of the same species

Anonymous said...

Have I missed something here? How is a PANDA eating a fish, a piece of octopus and a low calorie 'thing' classed as cannibalism? He's not eating another panda...!!!

Anonymous said...

And how many calories are in panda meat? Not many, I wager.

Anonymous said...

there's only one ending...
if anyone really cared to know.

Anonymous said...

no, the weird thing is with the panda is actually a herbivor, it doesn't eat meat...
But i like how the tentacle of the octopus grows back, i wish real life was like that

Anonymous said...

Stage end, Haha, so cute :D

Anonymous said...

Are there an other end than the stage end?

thesmothete said...

In the Chronicles of Narnia series, there are two kinds of animals: regular animals, and those that can talk and interact with other sentient beings. There is a scene in one of the books where some of the human characters realize that the venison the've been eating is from a *talking* fawn. They become ill at this thought, just as if they had been eating another human. I think this is what anonymous is getting at. That it's akin to cannibalism, even if not literally so. (We don't have a word for eating the flesh of a sentient species other than ones own.)

Anonymous said...

get demon's father.

click the father to his son in front of the store.

get the steering wheel.

get the orange fish foon on the ground at the same screen.

get the spit from the last screen.

get the arum rood from the second screen on the ground.

put the steering wheel on the gray thing at the second screen.

click on the mouse and get the lever.

put the lever on its place at the first screen.

pull the lever and see the pictures.

click the same pictures which were given first and take a chocolette.

give the chocolette to the girl at the last screen and take the spatula.

give the spatula to the girl at the first screen and take the salve.

give the salve to the octopus and take the foot of it.

give the food to the man on the 2nd screen and get the octopus grilling.

combine arum rood, spit, octopus grilling, the food fish and have a delicious food.

put the food on the monkeys plate.

get the microphone.

give it to the singer.

Anonymous said...

who do u combind the things together?

sorry about the spelling ^-^

Anonymous said...

how do you cobine the peacies of the kabob together


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