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October 13, 2008

halloween pumpkin mission

Escape the room in true halloween style: halloween pumpkin mission.


Anonymous said...

Wow...I am first out.

thesmothete said...

This game is a bit frustrating... a bit of a pixel hunt.


Here are some hints:

You will need a pen, a pumpkin, a scalpel, some matches, a heart, a note. You will need for (completed) sets of numbers.

The numbers make shapes.

Many objects cannot be found, or if found, used, until you have read the instructions and/or clues for them.

Later you will get other objects. There are two things inside the chest, and one more in a jar.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

stole a Walkthrough!! again:

click on window to get code12369

click on middle cupboard and get marker on left side of wicker basket

click back and again on cupboard drawers. Get Heart with numbers (789) on left one

click left and take note of the picture

click curtains and zoom in

click middle recipient and get note “How to do a Halloween pumpkin”

zoom out and in again and clik upper right box and then the other. Note code 123654789

zoom out and go left

click on cushions to get matchbox

click on poster to get code 258

zoom out and go left

click on area under table, on the left. Put heart on hole to complete code 14789654

¿see the pumpkin? go for it, zoom out and in on right corner

click on window to get code12369

zoom on table and get knife in flower vase (click on top)

zoom on shelf and get note CALL ME in blue vase. You can see inside others first closing all


if you type codes in phone dial they will draw numbers 1, 2, 6 and 7

when you physically take a phone and run your fingers over the numbers listed it creates a pseudo-image of the numbers. Like if you had paint on your finger it would leave the number on your phone after you pressed those numbers.

If you look CALLME note closer, you will see the letters go smaller from beggining to end -> the code will be, then, big number to small number

Code is 7621

go to chest and insert code (dont work if you dont visit all code places)

get screwdriver from chest

get candle clicking upper left corner in chest

go to door screen and zoom in on plant

count five rows of wood in floor and click there. There will be a square o floor, open int with screwdriver and get key

open low cupboard with key and get big spoon

go on with the pumpkin

use marker to mark a circle on pumpkin

knife it

put seeds out with spoon

close pumpkin screen and open it again

marker again

close pumpkin screen and open it again

knife again

now with candle

use matches to light it

take orange key

see empty matchbox and click topleft corner to see riddle

go to shelf with vases and click the one with rice in

get a new match

light match with matchbox and use it on candle

put lightning candle in pumpkin
don’t forget to close the pumpkin

and use key with door
you`re out.


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