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May 28, 2008

monkey experiment

Brain waves experiments on your monkey go wrong. Time to escape the monkey experiment.


Jere said...

First out

mother in law said...

second out

Anonymous said...

First click on the grey bars and see the number (changes every game).
Put that number in the machine which gives u fruit.
Take a banana, pear and apple give apple or pear to the monkey and he goes off the weight thing
take this
Use the banana to get the key and unlocked the brown door.
Then u have to move all the colourd weights from the left to the right but you can't put a big weight on a small one.
After you have sucessfully moved them all to the right you put the grey weight that you got from under the monkey on the hook and it opens the grey door.

Conny Netherlands

Anonymous said...

that was it?


Anonymous said...

This game vas a little...veard...

Anonymous said...

thats one way to do it... or you could do it a totally secret way. keep clicking around, there is an alternate ending.

Anonymous said...

Okay, i got out, but what is the alternate ending you're talking about?

Anonymous said...

grey bars?

Anonymous said...

That was a really bad game

Scott said...

i liked it. nice and quick! Don't diss the games Bart puts on here guys without some constructive criticism... Thanks for putting in the effort, Bart! :)


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