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May 13, 2008

box of sparrow

The new Minoto point and click game has arrived: box of sparrow is already Minoto's 21st weekly game in a row.


Alison99 said...

My favourite one so far, I love these games.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good, abit easier than last one but still funny to play as usual with Minoto's games

Anonymous said...

wonderful game, as always by Minoto. Thank you, Bonte, for promoting them.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i cant get it?!

supposingly the rabbit is suppose to shoot. i need a bow? or i need a target?? how?

i only hv matches, empty bottle, key

Anonymous said...

look in the matchbox

Anonymous said...

don't read this if you don't want the solution:

-take blue bottle
-give medicine in the bottle to the birds
-take key
-take ladders
-take matches under the wooden trunk
-click on ? to see matches box. Open it and take the bow
-open box with key and take money
-buy matches with money
-take banana with ladders
-click ? to see matches box. Click on the single match and turn it
-turn on the wood with match (in the last scene)
- take the arrow
-with arrow hit the target
-take banana. Take arrow
-take lake water with blue bottle
-give water to the little green plant near the palm
- take banana
-turn on candles in first scene
-put bananas on the stool
-click on bananas
-take apple
-give apple to the little bear
-give bow and arrow to the rabbit and click on it
-take the nest
-put the nest in first scene among grass and click on it
-take one box (they are different)

sorry for my poor english

Anonymous said...

the small one is perfect


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