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April 01, 2008

white zone

White zone is only a phone call away, but it will probably take more than that to solve this point and click room.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I'm the first. I haven't actually played the game yet though. I will go and try it now....

Margoluv said...

2nd. I'm stuck on the telephone part. those 5 numbers on the screen do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Well, nearly made it through without a walkthrough, but still caved at a certain point.

Key things to note:

you can move to the back of some objects.

Solving the TV part of the puzzle leaves a code. When it is time to use that code, it will be pretty obvious.

The Roman numerals on the clock are not important at all. Only the other symbols.

Anonymous said...

The game is glitchy. The 5 screen numbers were a phone number (winner!), but on my first try one of the knobs magically duplicated itself and re-appeared on the TV and screwed up the game.

Anonymous said...

Finished it... tricky but fun

Anonymous said...

Wow, heavy one..
It took some time, but I finished it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do anyone have a walk through? I am really stuck on the tv code!

Anonymous said...

-Look at the left side of the left side of the TV and note the arrow pattern.
-Click the bottom right leg of the TV stand and note the numbers/symbols.
-Go left to the chair. Look at the back of the chair and note the symbol.
-Go left again and look at the left side of this other chair. Note the diamond shaped buttons. As per the arrow pattern, press the buttons in the corresponding order. Get the fuse.
- Go to the back of the chair and note the symbol on this chair as well.
-Go back to the TV and click the knobs. Turn each knob so they match the symbols on the back of each chair. Pull and push the bottom knob until it falls out.
-Go to the very back of the TV and insert the knob. Then insert the fuse.
-Look at the TV screen and note what it says.
-Click the knobs and click the top knob until it turns and falls out.
-Go left (or right) twice and insert the knob into the back of the chair. Turn it until it matches the symbol.
-Go back to the TV and get the bottom knob.
-Go to the other chair and insert it in the back and turn it until it matches the symbol.
-Look at the TV and note the 5-digit code.
-Go right to the clock.
-Click the right side of the clock and see the triangle symbol with K, L, and S.
-You will also notice the clock has #, $, &, and % signs on its face.
-Zoom out one view and click the top drawer. See that the red dots correspond to the placement of the symbols on the clock.
-Click the back of the drawer and see that ! = 1.
-If you look at your keyboard, you can see that:
# - 3
$ - 4
& - 7
% - 5
-Look at the position of the hour hand on the clock. Note the symbol that it is pointing to and then remember the corresponding number. Look at where the minute hand is pointing and remember the corresponding number for that one.
-Go right twice and look at the right side of the chair.
-For “S”, enter in the number for the hour hand. For “L”, enter in the number for the minute hand. You will hear a sound when you zoom out if you are correct.
-When you’ve entered in both numbers, click the arm of the chair. Get the key.
-Go back to the clock and click the bottom cabinet.
-Insert the key. When the door is opened, type in the 5-digit code from the TV.

Anonymous said...

That was a really difficult game!! :O I needed a lot of walkthrough :P


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