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April 07, 2008

sniper escape game

In sniper escape game you're waking up in a locked room with a large gun case in front of you, that's right: it's time to escape yet another room.


Anonymous said...

I have the usb stick, the screwdriver, and the rifle with the scope, clip and white tip. I looked through the other room. I have also done the initial login on the computer but am now stuck. What is the Login ID?

Anonymous said...

Hint: USB

Lydia said...

whats the Username??

Anonymous said...

destroy comp.8

Anonymous said...

Got it, good game, kept me thinking

Anonymous said...

Put the rifle together with the scope and that small white thing in the green box.
Hint: look at the small crack in the wall.

Anonymous said...

Bart, just wondering, how much do you make off BonteGames?

Anonymous said...

1. Look behind green box on right side
2. Take sniper scope
3. Return view
4. Go left once
5. Zoom in on safe
6. Click top of safe to see behind it.
7. Take rifle
8. Go left once
9. Zoom in on table
10. Click right side of box
11. Take white thing from behind box
12. Return view
13. Go left once
14. Zoom in twice on lower part of cabinet
15. Take USB stick in the upper left part of the lower part of the cabinet.
16. Return view
17. Go left once
18. Zoom in under table
19. Take screwdriver
20. Return view
21. Go left once
22. Zoom in on package, note number
23. Return view
24. Go left once.
25. Put rifle in green box
26. Add scope to rifle
27. Add white thing to rifle
28. Take rifle
29. Return view
30. Zoom in on hole in wall
31. Use rifle on hole
32. Note numbers on whiteboard
33. Note numbers on box below whiteboard
34. Press space, and return view.
35. Go left once
36. Zoom in on safe then on keypad.
37. Press keys in order noted from the whiteboard. (621435)
38. Take ammo
39. Return view
40. Go left trice
41. Zoom in on computer
42. Use screwdriver on square on computer
43. Push button at the bottom to turn on the computer
44. Use USB memory in the opened square
45. Note password
46. Zoom out, then zoom in again. Computer is prompting for power-on password.
47. Enter zipcode gotten from the two boxes (83746)
48. Note server
49. Return view
50. Go left twice
51. Put rifle in green box
52. Add ammo to rifle
53. Take rifle
54. Use rifle on hole
55. Shoot Server008
56. Press space, then return view.
57. Go right twice
58. Zoom in on computerscreen.
59. Enter password from usbstick (loc447)
60. Click on “Door system: Locked” to unlock door.
61. Return view.
62. Go right twice
63. Exit through door.
64. You have escaped

Margoluv said...

It's funny how when someone posts a walkthrough, no one leaves comments anymore.

Anonymous said...

true, true xD.
When does another game finally come out... can't wait :D

Max Cady said...

Great graphics. Clever story. Up there with the phone booth. :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the walk through. I was totally stuck


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