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December 12, 2007

bon voyage

Bon voyage is the lastest brand new Gotmail point and click game. You're in room and right, you need to escape! You might remember Gotmail from the previously posted nigepico 1.2.


Anonymous said...

aaaahhh, very difficult, as all the Gotmail-games. But we (me and all you other players) will find our way out, won't we...

Anonymous said...

Oh realy,

I find the gotmail games very hard due to the lighting of the game, and some items rely on little things to find. but aaaaahhhhh i will also try, have fun my little click and find game buddies.XX

Anonymous said...

Wow...that was very complex, but i finished it. Now i need a glass of wine...

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was really hard. And random...not very linear at all. Good luck all.

Eli said...

The game took a wild shit and completed it self, i started it with all the items, and it just went from screen to screen clicking on everything it could automatically and then the story ended and the credits ran. All before it loaded 40% of the bar.

Anonymous said...

aww i am struggling ,can i get one of those glasses of wine please??mind you im more a martini kinda gal xx click click click

links_revenge said...

me my frist offical comment i will make sure to post a post everytime and make a walkthrough when possible and mayby i might find a new puzzle......

Bart said...

Eli: that's really strange :)

Too sober: the drink's on me! Cheers :)

Links_revenge: welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

well i'm completely stuck, second time of trying and only got slightly further

Anonymous said...

finally gatmail made a save funktion, they're late to be so good at makin' these games.

Anonymous said...

help.... I dont understand this... walkthrough anyone?

Anonymous said...

well, it has the same setting as the strawberry tomato, which is another game by gotmail. however, i don't know if this is a sequel or prequel, it could be unrelated, i never finished strawberry tomato.

Anonymous said...

oke, I was bit optimistic when I said that me and all you other players would find our way out.....
I'm still stuck inside! help!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I beat Strawberry Tomato! YA!!! back to reality: yes, from what i can see about this game, it is definitly a follow up to strawberry tomato, meaning, stuff from strawberry tomato will be in the same place for this game. I.E. The stag beetle is still holding the pincher switch... thing... if thats any help to some of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost done(only need 3 more items). When I beat the game, I'll write a walkthrough. (sorry about me posting alot).

Anonymous said...

Dang, that was tough. Heres the walkthrough i promised:
1.Click the underneath the right table and take the outlet adapter.

2. Go right to the cabinets, go to the bottom right cabinet and zoom in to see the beetle. take it and put it back on the latch.

3.zoom out and go left, until you're facing the single door and zoom in on the giant pot, zoom behind that and open the closet.while your there, take the uv light.

4.In that closet is a cell phone, hidden compartment

5.Go back and get your beetle, your not done with it yet. focus ont the beetle and make it a usb.

6.Go to the double doors, open them and look behind theright door. take the battery-like barrel.

7.zoom back out, go left to table with yellow cloth on it. zoom to the upper window, and open and close it rapidly until a screwdriver falls out.

8. go to the right side of the table and push in and out the chair and take the screwdriver.

9. Use the screw driver on the right double door's handle. oops handle came off, wasn't me.

10.Go right until you're facing the light inbetween 2 stone balls. zoom in on light, open it, take the light bulb.

11.Go right once, zoom in on the right stone ball, zoom behind it and put the light bulb in the cord thing.then zoom in on the light spot on the wall. note the word and random letter.

12.Go left, and use the screw driver on the stone ball with the strange spiral thing on it(fossil).

13.Go right and try opening the door, keep trying until it opens.

14.Go down the stairs and use the fossil on the matching pattern, the water should stop.

15.zoom out and then zoom in on the water way near the steps and place the handle into the two holes.

16.Focus on the battery barrel and open it with the screw driver.It's funny if you didn't know it was a barrel(how'd that camera fit in there?)

17.Now go right and use the camera on the light house, do this twice. Note the letter and number combination.

18.Go left until you are looking at the picture, zoom in a little underneath it and type in that no. combo. then pull the painting left.

19.Note the pentagram in the center's colors. now go left until your looking at the table from the right.look at the window and note the colors the other light house flashes to you.

20.Go left until you see the desert case, open it, and zoom in on the bottom shelf and type in the colors you saw flashed at you. Take the UV paint from underneath where you typed in the code.

21.Go right until you see the jar where you got the uv flashlight, pour in the uv paint into that jar. Oops it leaked, it was the monkey.

22.Go left to the 2 cabinets, open the left one and zoom in on it, take the extension cord.

23.Go left and zoom in on the light, move it and turn off the lights, go right to the jar with the spilled paint, use the uvlight and note the order of the symbols.

24.turn the lights on. Go right, to the single door, go through the door, use the flashlight, zoom in front of you.

25.Go left to the two tables, zoom in on the left table, put the cell phone on it. zoom in on the man. see what he has to type out.

26.Use your knowledge of the where the symbols are with the colors of the pentagon. put in the symbols in the order of color the light house flashed you.

27.Go down the hole, put in the fossil, and use the two letters you got as coordinates, im not gonna try to figure out how it opens.

28.Go to each pedestal thing, and open each one until you get a laptop.

29.Leave the area, go left to the table with the yellow cloth on it. Fix the outlet adapter so that it will fit in the two pronged outlet, go from the right side of the table, then put in the extension cord thing into the adapter.

30.Focus on the laptop and put the usb beetle into it. then plug in the laptop to the extension cord thing. zoom in on laptop and open up beetle file.

31.note the word that fits into the diagonal squares.zoom out and take your beetle back(man thats a cool beetle). fix your beetle so its in one piece again.

32.zoom out and then zoom in on the jar behind the table you were just at. put the beetle down in the mouse hole, leave and comeback,and take the key the beetle has.

33.Go right to the cabinet's, and use the key on the locked draw, use it on the key hole.

34.Type in the 3 word combo's you have ( and press the red button.

35.go left to the single door. go thru the door, and down the hole again, and type in the word you got from the link from the locked draw into each pedestal thing. The word was crete if your pop up blocker stopped it. the pedestal is random for which one works.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the walkthrough, but i'm still stuck, i can't see the lighthouse showing me any colours on the window

Anonymous said...

47 minutes...
this one's tooooo hard!!!
but... i'm out...

Anonymous said...

i am stuck HELP!!!

Anonymous said...



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