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February 01, 2018

contraption doesn't move [browser]

Contraption doesn't move is a short puzzle adventure by Nadav Tenenbaum, another entry for the 'transmission' themed Global Game Jam 2018.


Hespetr3 said...

that was cute.

Lizzie!! said...

At least you don't die if you fall from great heights. I appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

Is it supposed to end with the big black thing descending and you cant move and just watch as it moves across the screen? it feels like a glitch

Anonymous said...

Same as above. Ending feels kind of ... unfinished.

The Gordo said...

Clever game. Agreed that the ending is a bit lacking.

Thank you, Bart!

Tristan Fraker said...

agreed...I'm a bit confused about the ending...was expecting...something

Anonymous said...

It woud deserve a longer development time to get a longer game, very nice beginning for a full game.

PK said...

Meh. A bit too easy (never any real question of what to do or how to do it) and the ending was so anticlimactic as to be nonexistent. There's potential here, but this felt like a demo at most, not even enough to call a short game.

Anonymous said...

The end was really strange...the black thing coming down took forever, and afterwards if you press space the screen shakes and the character just slowly turns back around. Feels like the game has a bug or something, it at least needs a second, longer part to it.

Other than all that, the game was intriguing. The fairly simple gameplay definitely left more to be desired.

Brian Berta said...

Like people have noted above, the ending feels like a glitch. It was still an alright game though, albeit a little easy.

Nadav said...

Hey guys, the developer here.
Just wanted to let you know that because this is a Global Game Jam game made mostly by myself in two days, some bugs may be present and the game might feel shorter or less polished than you may expect.

There was indeed a bug in the ending scene, pressing Space more than once messed everything up. It was a foolish logic error on my part, this has now been patched out of the game.

Thanks to all of you who played and provided criticism, I will try and improve my next jam game to feel more complete and better overall.


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