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November 17, 2017

faraway 2 [mobile]

The exploration of ancient temples full of challenges and mysteries continues in the mobile puzzle game Faraway 2 by Pine Studio. Again there are 18 levels from which the first 9 are free.
Download this free mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.

November 16, 2017

constellation [browser, download]

Constellation is the latest Terry Cavanagh game. Just type stuff in and see what happens...
There is also a Windows version available for download here.

the peter navarre crecy evaluation [download]

The line between human and machine has become blurred after the Singularity and the most valuable object, the Peter Navarre Crecy Evaluation, has vanished. This must be a new Mateusz Skutnik point and click adventure.
You can download this free game for Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

November 15, 2017

hexa turn [browser]

Block the triangle's way to the squares in each level of the puzzle game Hexa Turn by Wonderkid Development.

November 09, 2017

short and sweet [browser]

A creepy click-and-drag minigame sprinkled with sugar and lathered with strawberry jam: Short and sweet by Sour Apple Studios.

sandcastles [browser]

Sandcastles is the latest webtoy by Vectorpark. Conjure castles from the sand and then watch the sea consume them.

November 07, 2017

escape from the room that sees the stars [browser]

Escape from the room that sees the stars is the latest escape the room game by Room's Room. Can you solve all the puzzles to escape?

November 06, 2017

maze dog [browser]

Maze Land is in trouble: eight cute birds have vanished from their nests into the depths of mysterious hedge mazes. Come on Maze Dog, find the lost birds and maybe have some snacks along the way in this adventure game by Andrew Reist. (move with the cursor keys, bark and read with the X key, dig with the Z key)

just pushing boxes [browser]

Just push some boxes to complete the short puzzlescript puzzler Just Pushing Boxes by Darren Moore created for the 'That's been done already!' themed Fall Reading Week Jam.

November 04, 2017

you have to win the game [browser]

Run, jump, and avoid deadly pitfalls as you explore the ruins of a lost world in search of hidden treasures and rare artifacts in the puzzle platformer You Have to Win the Game by J. Kyle Pittman.

November 03, 2017

pumpking [browser]

Watch out for flappy bats, floaty ghosts and bad witches in the halloween themed platformer Pumpking by Sophie Holden.

monkey happy stage 129, 130, 131, 132 [browser]

Four more chances to make the monkey go happy again in Robin Vencel's four new monkey happy stages: enjoy monkey happy stage 129, stage 130, stage 131 and stage 132.


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