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September 27, 2016

where is cat? app update

Just a little post to inform you about the latest Where is cat? app update: the evergrowing collection of the Bonte cat adventures was just updated to version 2.5! The app is getting closer to how I wanted it to look, except of course it's still growing and every time I complete a new Bonte cat adventure (and there is one in the making) it will be added as a free update to the app! Thanks for your continued support of bontegames!


Anonymous said...

Great Bart! I'm curious to find out what the next cat adventure will be :)

Anonymous said...

My cats & I can't wait.
They live life as a tag team.
only one can be outside or eating.

palat said...

I love this app, my kids adore this app, thank you Bart!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and delightful app!

jj said...

I have a folder on my tablet called bontegames with all 8 of your apps Bart! Love your work, keep making games :-)

Sarah said...

I love this app, my child spend all day for it.
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