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April 05, 2011

bontegames facebook page

If you have a facebook account you'll be pleased to know I just created a bontegames facebook page where you'll find all the latest info on the games I'm working on, so what you're waiting for, go on and like it :)


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tam said...


Anonymous said...

Too bad that I don't like Facebook; I would have "liked" this website.

-k said...

Woo Hoo! Number 421 of your fans :)

Anonymous said...

facebook is an awful, hideous, orwellian site that is making a bucketful of money thanks to people's willingness to give perfect strangers their personal information. sorry to see you took the plunge bart, but i'm afraid i won't be seeing you there. we love this site though and love your games!

Alfinete said...

I am stuck on level one ! Any walkthrough ? ;)

Bart said...

Well Alfinete, I could make you a walkthrough :) so here goes:
- click the link
- click the 'Like' button
- sit back and enjoy

Jora said...

I love ur gamesss,,keep the gd work upp<3<3


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