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November 26, 2009


Droppy is the latest Robin 'pencilkid' Vencel point and click puzzle game.


Anonymous said...


palat said...

Sweet! Love this type of games :-)

MM said...


Me/You said...

Can't finish the stage 5! Somebody could help me?

Anonymous said...

click on the floor where he lands when the figure jumps. A paper shows up "E N S"
1. east/right
2. north/up
3. south/down
then click the golden statue
... hope it helps

Me/You said...

Thank you so much! I didn't see the paper... Love that kind of games! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

445 clicks

Anonymous said...

Hahaha the final is funny :)

Brownie said...

242 clicks and omg i luv the ending! funny as!

Anonymous said...

328 clicks.... OK... Lol.. Thanks Bart, great game!! x

Carly said...

404 the first time
123 the second time :)
Sweet lil' game :)

PS: Bart, luv ya ;)

Someone (haha) said...

Hrmmmm I cant get past the final stage boohoo how do you beat it?

qwerty said...

234 clicks
i cant believe he went thru all that then jumped off the ship when she wanted to marry him.

@ someone haha:

knock over the barrel of apples
hit the guard on the tower
then ring the bell
then hit the man picking up the apples

Anonymous said...

level 9 =S help!!

e-fullerton said...

woo 120 clicks!


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