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November 05, 2023

clickplay fun Issue 2 [browser]

It's a new month and the play button has gone missing again, so it's up to you to find it back in all the levels of the new puzzler by Ninjadoodle: Clickplay fun Issue 2.


Anonymous said...

Clicking on the hint button brings you to the creator's page where you can subscribe. For level 16, I just couldn't figure out the code so I did it one by one until I hit the right combination (won't spoil it for others).

Anonymous said...

The hint button worked for me - there's a bit about "please subscribe" up the top of that page but if you scroll down you can see the answers.

For level 16, you "remove" the blocks that are crossed out for each number. So I think the first symbol was black and grey crossed out. So imagine the black and grey blocks aren't there, and see what shape you've got left, and that's your first number.

Kaden Vanciel said...

The hints for 12 aren't helping.

Lighty said...

For 12, you need to follow the arrow on the 9x9 square above. Do the shapes look like something else?
Remember, you are trying to find a 3 digit code

Anonymous said...

Pretty easy. Had to cheat a bit on the 4 Facts. And learned some things by doing so :)

MRK said...

Another fun one! Thanks Ninjadoodle and Bart.

Anonymous said...

I object to #15 saying water does not freeze @ 0 Fahrenheit.
If you lower the temperature of water it will freeze @ 32 Fahrenheit.
However if you place water into a 0 Fahrenheit environment it certainly will freeze!

Anonymous said...

This game does not save your progress.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 15:20, good point! It most certainly will!


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