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July 04, 2023

lock and pin [browser]

Engage all pins in locks in the 8 levels of the puzzlescript puzzler Lock and Pin created by Clickmazes for Thinky Puzzle Game Jam 3. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Bill said...

Short! It stops pretty much after the first hard level. Fun though. I'm always amazed at how many different sokoban variations can be made.

Anonymous said...

Nice one !

benji said...

many hours have been spent playing alephant for me to become an expert in solid-blocks-attached-to-things-on-the-floor sokobans

Urban Garlic said...

Nice. Agreed that the level of difficulty on the last level seems sharply higher than the others. It's do-able, though.

-->Nope<-- said...

Good game!!


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