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June 14, 2023

slitherthink [browser]

Solve the puzzles by slithering around and sleuthing out the meaning of the symbols indicated by the rule indicator lights in SlitherThink by No Face.


Anonymous said...

Nice one.
Simple easy to follow rules.
There is a full screen button hidden at the bottom right.
I also had to mute the tab.
No you can't win the final extra level.

Anonymous said...

Really good! Only wish there were more levels

Squirrel said...

Loved it! Every once in awhile it is nice to do a puzzle that plays to my spatial strengths.

Urban Garlic said...

Nifty! I enjoyed the sort of meta-puzzle of sussing out the mechanics, although it was not difficult.

phart said...

Loved it

Hespetr3 said...

Great game! It took me a few tries to get through it.

Anonymous said...

Updated link -


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