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April 06, 2023

4d [browser]

A block pushing puzzle in 4d? Push the crates onto their spot with the cursor keys and use the X key to switch between the 2 views in the puzzlescript puzzler 4D by Beekie and Corey Hardt. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

I was doing so fine until the "micro... level.
I know what to do, just each step blocks others.

Urban Garlic said...

@Anonymous 15:27 may be pleased to know that "Microbes" is the last level. I found it tricky, but do-able.

Long Peter said...

I do like the game,
but sometimes levels start to look like homework.

For example "Passages".

You quickly see what you have to to for 90% of the level.
But it takes a long number of moves to get the box to the target.
Where you have to do the same trick over and over again

Anonymous said...

Really really clever and fun (and I always appreciate a game that finishes before it starts to feel like a chore)

Anonymous said...

I *do* wish puzzlescript games would do more (on title screens, for instance) to let you know how many total levels you have left

cyborgx7 said...
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cyborgx7 said...
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Anonymous said...

this was really fun and not too challenging

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet. And the last level took some thinking.

Anonymous said...

cool game!

Anonymous said...

I loved it... but it was over when I started to get the hang of it. More levels would have been nice and appreciated :)


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