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February 24, 2023

make new way [browser]

Make New Way, a multiple sokoban puzzle: in each level after reaching the goal, a new puzzle begins using the stage as it is. Created by Yusuke Nakajima for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.1.


Anonymous said...

Nice one, not really hard.
Perfect for a short break.

Urban Garlic said...

This is a cool concept, and well-executed. A good workout for the ol' sokoban muscles.

Euan said...

nice idea. A little too easy to be really satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Yellow carried the game!

Anonymous said...

I like them nice & easy.
This has the potential to be large & complicated.
However it would turn into a trial & error game.
It could be a mini game in an adventure.
I can imagine it as a gateway room in a tower climber.

Stevens Miller said...

I can't get it to play. I click on "Play" and also press Enter. Nothing happens.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyable and clever concept, would love to see more of it someday.

Anonymous said...

Low poly - CHECK
Moving text - CHECK
3D cubes - CHECK
Chiptune music - CHECK

Whoever made this game would have loved the 90's pirate Demo Scene

RAZOR1911 represent!

Hespetr3 said...

The game doesn't load properly.

Long Peter said...


Could be the 3th party cookies.
in firefox I had uncheck the Shield left in the address bar to make it load the game.

a12r13 said...

Great gameplay... but it stops right when it becomes interesting.
So waiting for the next levels !

Jonas72 said...
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