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May 25, 2022

sneks [browser]

Help all the snakes get to their goals by dragging them around in the puzzle game Sneks by FreezedIce and Raindrinker.


jay said...

Level 2-4 Make Way - I am stuck!

a said...

I got stuck on that one for a while too. Then I realized I was making it much harder than it needed to be, and solved it quickly. Check your assumptions.

Stevens Miller said...

Cute. The introduction of the food took me off the track I was on, when I was still wanting more of the "Rush Hour" style of puzzle.

jay said...

Yes, I solved it soon after posting that I was stuck. Great little game.

Anonymous said...

Cute little game, well-balanced hardness, nice graphics, but playing it -- not so fun. The moving is not very accurate, too easy to overmove the snakes all the time. There are no Retry button, only undo, and there is no level number on the game, so it is hard find where was I, when I continue after a break. Also doesn't show which levels are done and which are not. And there is no ending at all! It doesn't even end, just repeats the ghost levels forever.

So really nice and good game, but it is very user-unfriendly, sorry for saying that.

Unknown said...

so cute. stuck on 6


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