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January 03, 2022

unmask [browser]

Let's start the new year with a bit of searching for suspicious elements in the puzzle game Unmask by Neko Donut.


Stevens Miller said...

As is typical for me in this kind of game, I can't find the last one. I wish there were some option to record where I've clicked, like leaving it black-on-white, so I don't keep going over and over the same places.

Finding the others was pretty easy, once you get the idea. But when you get down to that last one, and the designer has somehow made it harder than the others (or, I suppose, I'm somehow just a dumbass), the fun you were having just evaporates.

Stevens Miller said...

Okay, a walkthrough at helped me find the last one. Fair enough, I was just a dumbass. But, one needs to know that the game will tell you it is complete on either of two conditions when, in fact, it is not over. You can close the dialog box that says it's done and keep playing, but this fact isn't obvious. Also, I found I had to jack up the brightness on my monitor to really be able to solve the whole thing.

SPOILER: Gurer ner gjb qvssrerag glcrf bs guvat lbh ner ybbxvat sbe. Gurl ner fpberq frcnengryl naq pbzcyrgvat rvgure bar jvyy trg lbh gung zvfyrnqvat qvnybt obk gung fnlf lbh'er qbar.

Use to decode that.

Siobhán Long's sister said...

Tedious clickfest.

Anonymous said...

The circle is not a scanner, but a poor choice for a pointer.
You need to center the "error" or bonus symbol inside it.
There are 2 parts to this game played at the same time.
That is why you can continue after you have won.
Also don't click too fast.

Anonymous said...

my last one was something it was missing. the only difference this type in the game.

Anonymous said...

Another pixel hunting.

Anonymous said...

Another one of those games where it's very fun at first, then all the fun is sucked out as the tab stays open for days and I look for the last 2, then used a walkthough for the last one. And yea, it was the only one that had something missing instead of being weird.

Ah well, kills some time, and that's my life for the past 21 months

wyatt (leslie on FB) said...

i had fun... finished both quests in 20 minutes or so :)

MRK said...

Cute and different look to this one. I enjoyed it and would look forward to more of the same. Thanks, Neko Donut and Bart.

Anonymous said...

'I hate pixel hunting'

it's a spot-the-differences game, what were you people even expecting

Anonymous said...

Had to use a walkthrough for the last 2.
Just in case it helps anyone, I'll say how many ghosts are in each room, going from top left to bottom right (1-8, the big one with the door I'll just call "Entrance"):

1: 3 ghosts
2: 2 ghosts
3: 2 ghosts
4: 2 ghosts
5: 1 ghost
6: 2 ghosts
7: 2 ghosts
8: 3 ghosts
Entrance: 2 ghosts.


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