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October 19, 2020

laqueus escape - chapter 3 [browser]

Your escape from this strange place continues: Laqueus escape - chapter 3, the latest escape the room game by SmartCode.


TtOAS said...

a broken vial of that stuff? awkward...


This was an amazing was difficult, but I got it!

Anonymous said...

That one was hard! And now that I have recovered from the headache it gave me, I call B.S. and some of those puzzles. There was no clue to lead you to believe you should have gotten the answer from the books that you did. And unless I really missed something, I don't get that math at the end at all! I watched a walk through and of course there is no sound so they basically just pointed to this thing here and that thing there and VIOLA! the answer is obviously 17 trucks (not really the answer, but just as valid in my opinion! LOL!) I also still don't understand the coding of the card, even though I did eventually figure it out without a hint, it was more of just, "well that didn't work, how about this" and step by step, I got it. Hopefully someone can explain how the routine works.

JohnReese said...

I found it hard, but unless I'm missing something, I don't agree with the specific problems you are pointing to.
The game shows you (in 2 places) in which way the books should be put next to each other according to their colour, allowing you to get the code.
At the end, you have writing that shows x1 times the shape X, y1 times the shape Y, PLUS x2 times the shape X, y2 the shape Y, so the answer is (x1+x2)*X + (y1+y2)*Y.
About the programmable card, you only have to run it once with the predefined settings, and you'll see the character on screen go up, down, left, and right in a sequence, telling you which combination of red and green means which direction. Then you set it up yourself according to where you want the character to go.
I had more trouble with times where you had to rotate the view to access some hidden things.

Has anyone found the 3rd card ? (the 1st one is in the green book, the 2nd one you get from the programmable card-character thingy) Even in walkthroughs they don't seem to get it.

Lighty said...

Found that difficult but mostly logical. I must admit, I was stuck on the end code too, and took a couple of walkthroughs to find the actual reason for the code (which is logical, if not necessarily obvious).

I agree with @JohnReese that the book clue is straightforward, it is shown in 2 places. The other thing that does help is that when a puzzle is complete, you can no longer move, press or otherwise interact with it (apart from the 'computer game').

I did find the interaction a little hit and miss though, especially when trying to get into the corners of the room, the view rotation can be limiting and you need to be at the right position to get to some of the other areas which is frustrating.

I also did not find the 3rd card and I thought I clicked everywhere I could.

Anonymous said...

before you enter the room you can find the first card.just look around well.

TiCKed said...

Like most, I did find it difficult. But once I found a solution, I found it to be satisfying. The logic was sound....if a bit of a stretch at times.

I give it a thumbs up! (Thanks Ebert....)

JohnReese said...

I find it rather bad form to put a card at the beginning where you can't go back once you've gone through the first door. You can't possibly know that the door is going to lock permanently behind you. On top of that, I haven't been able to find a way to restart the game from scratch, and had to go play the game on another website to start fresh and look for the card.

Anonymous said...

I had no problem getting all 3 cards.
I clicked above the door in an effort to read the text.
The game gave me card 1 then 2 & 3of3 before I did anything.

PAH said...

I made it through not without struggle, but I never brute force anything and even if fiddely, I did get through it only by logic (except for that card at the beginngin). I do however not recommend resetting the game card before you find what combination is up-left-right-down. My biggest problem was navigation. I tried to look at the cover at the end that was taken down and put on the floor many times before i finally managed to look at it.

Anonymous said...

When I came back to the game I had to redo everything.
However I did not start in the start area.
So then I cleared my browsing history & data.
This restarted the game but cleared important passwords elsewhere.
Then while scanning a walkthrough I saw more menu options.
They had restart chapter 1, 2& 3 in there pause screen!
What link is that Bart ?

Stevens Miller said...

Fun, but a couple of gripes:

1. Navigation was harder than it should be. Any "forward" should have a matching "back." Here, moving forward to the four-sided puzzlebox had no way to back out. You had to move past it to something else. Not intuitive.

2. The book-to-code puzzle was ambiguous. You could rationally extract either three-digit or a four-digit solution. Only one worked, but because the pad accepts four-digits solutions for an unrelated puzzle, it took a long time to realize that the three-digit solution was correct.

a12r13 said...

Even if once the riddles are solved they appear in some way "logical", for me far too much is to be guessed here... or seen on a walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out the book to code puzzle. It had me stuck, for quite some time. still can't figure it out does anyone know how to solve that.

Anonymous said...

The book to code puzzle works if you lay the marks on the spines of the book next to each other in the order they are on the cypher; they then make 'digital' calculator numbers:
_ _
|_ |_||_|
_||_| |

Anonymous said...

I'll try again...

_ _
|_ |_||_|
_||_| |

Unknown said...

Formatting not working basically 584 as it would appear on a calculator screen


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