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September 12, 2020

edge not found [browser]

Edge Not Found is a Sokoban-style puzzle game set on an infinitely repeating grid created by Auroriax for the js13k 2020 coding competition.


Anonymous said...

Having a bit of a time om 302.

Long Peter said...

This Hurts my brain.. :)

But you can change the graphics to make them more relax.

for 302.. try all 6 combinations, one should work.
Or skip the level.

Anonymous said...

hurts brain, only 305 and 403 left though. much of it was very trial and error-y though

Anonymous said...

power of posting: got both, although i don't understand what in the * i did for 305...

Anonymous said...

tips / partial walkthroughs on 300+ levels:

300: tutorial
301: push all the way right and all the way up, twice
302: look a little closely and observe: the way the wraparound shifts is defined by the edges of the box. ergo, you will only be able to get one of them by pushing up, and the others must be by pushing down. from the initial position, push one of them 1 left and 2 up to get it above, the the other one 2 right and 1 up. the initial position kind of works out to make the solution pop out naturally from here.
303: obviously you will need to push into the goal from the right. if you push up or down, you will never change the vertical alignment of the goal and the block. the key to realigning is to push right or left while the looparound is not vertically aligned. the fastest way is: push 5 right, 1 down, 5 left, 1 up, 5 left, 2 up.
304: push both blocks 1 right and pull up one of the blocks: this nets you more space to push things right. keep doing this kind of thing. oh, and don't forget you can actually push a block into one of those surrounded-on-3-sides holes, because the other side of the tunnel might reopen later.
305: ????? ???? ????? i don't have any good way to think about this but i found a really fast solution: RDDRDLLRRURRUDRRRUDDDLL. a lot of things just.. turn out to be accessible when you don't expect them to be. one way to think of it might be that of the 7 possible vertical alignments, 2 and 5 are very navigable, and 3 and 4 slightly less so. 0, 1 and 6 are basically useless.
306: not so hard. i pushed 1 down and brought one through the left tunnel, then pushed it down and brought the other one through the right tunnel. aligning is easy from there

400: quite easy once you realize that you're never supposed to bring it to the uppermost layer of clear blocks: purely use the shifting.
401: funny one, you shouldn't even really worry about the positions of the lower 3: just use them as "switches" while getting the upper 4 in position, and fix the lower 3 at the end.
402: might seem hard at first glance but actually very easy: after totally disentangling the blocks, you can push up into the middle and right goals fairly easily since the shift allows you to push up into either. the top and left goals are easily accessible as well.
403: you only need one box. first tip is that pushing out a box isnt even physically possible for any shift other than 3. second tip is that the path goes through an entire S. from there should be easy to engineer the solution just looking at the entire board while shifted by 3
404: hard to even tell what you're looking at at first. just focus on the main box, and any move will cause a horizontal shift. i think dropping into the 2x3 hole does something for parity but not certain on the details of how it works. nonetheless easy to brute force

overall i found 400 levels much easier than 300 levels, very strange

Anonymous said...

Obviously the last post meant well but failed to give correct info.

Reese said...

This was a very fun and unique game. I usually don't like sokoban style games because I usually can't figure them out however, the 21 levels in this game were pretty easy because it has what I like to call warp factor (when something goes outside one side of a room it is teleported to the other side of the room).

a12r13 said...

Very creative game, indeed....
The "shaky" layout is terrible, though... it's a good thing that it can be de activated.


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