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August 01, 2020

dr jelly and mr slime [browser]

Dr. Jelly may seem a simple researcher but with the help of some non-FDA-approved drugs he turns into Mr. Slime, turning all roadblocks into roads and all roads into roadblocks: Dr Jelly and Mr Slime, a puzzlescript puzzler by Thinky Collective. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Long Peter said...

Nice concept

And Peter is Stuck in the 3th crate level.

Description in the HACK:
Lil easy cute (I hope) level.)
(jack lance)
(notajumbleofnumbers: i got pretty stuck on this level >.>)
(henrique: cute level, but definitely not easy lol, took me a while)

Long Peter said...

Nevermind, Got it

Bigger than Long Peter said...

easy game for me, Bigger than Long Peter

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeeeeeease how to handle level 20???

I'm sad! :)

Long Peter said...

LVL 20:

Slime around to coin 6.
Pus crate left on 5.
Push crate left on 4.
Now push crate around without standing on coins till you reach pos 9. (coin 8)
Push from coin 6 the crate down, over the slime to the target.

Pos 6 turns normal because you standing on it.
Pos 5 turns normal because it is slime on water
All other coins you haven't been on. so no slime or water

Anonymous said...

And n°21?


Anonymous said...

stuck on level 18, any hint ?

longpeter said...


Push the outer crates Right.
Push the inner crates in to the "tunnel" in the center.
Slime all water,
Keep a path open for escape.

Doralyn said...

Any hints on 15?

Anonymous said...

15 : step by step !
start pushing crate down, then left... , moving only on the sides !

Anonymous said...

Anyone has tips for n°21??


benji said...

hints for 21 in increasing order of spoilerness: you probably figured 1, and had a hunch on 2 or 4

1. water / slime destined to become water disappears when you stand in it & change back. this overrides being in an X, so the water still disappears.
2. avoid changing the square at the top of the Xs to slime. the path to coins goes bottom right, top right, top left
3. be creative with your crate path! i pushed it 6 times, 3 of which were across slime
4. crate path starts up & left across slime
5. crate path continues up(!) left down

Anonymous said...

@benji: haha thanks but I still can't figure it out. :((

More help please!

Anonymous said...

@benji: thanks i finally got it! :)

Lighty said...

@benji, thanks as well, was close for ages, but finally worked it out from your clues

Anonymous said...

Any tips for level 33?

Long Peter said...

lvl 33.

Right "1" goes down 1 place and stays there.
Left and middle "1" goes agains the left wall.
One low and on close to the top.

Anonymous said...

Any hints for level 35?

Anonymous said...

For level 35, the level structure is a bit of a red herring. Think outside the box. There's an interaction involved in this level that you've never used before.

lost vampire said...

level 36 ???????? I dont get it but I dont want to give up. please help


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