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May 11, 2020

current [browser]

You are tasked with reconnecting underwater grids before the power is turned on, so you have limited moves in the puzzler current created by zzox for the 'keep it alive' themed Ludum Dare 46 game jam.


Anonymous said...

I replanted some saplings & now my pa says I got to put little fences around each one.
I used 4 pallets I stole from work on one, but I need a bunch more now.
Also 1 was like over 100 lbs wtf. have to avoid them ones today.
Be back to play this later I guess.

Donkey Sauce said...

So, kind of embarrassing, but I can't even get past the second level. Help please? It's hard to procrastinate when I can't get anywhere in this game!

Bart said...

For level 2(CAUTION: current): move up through the right hole, keep moving up until you are next to the top one, move it to the left, move above it, move it down in place, and then move the last one in place.

Donkey Sauce said...

Thanks Bart!

Frobisher said...

It's really hard to design good puzzles with a move counter mechanic, and this game is a good example of why. A lot of the levels seem to have unintended solutions that take much fewer steps, and the more interesting pushing, weight and electricity mechanics don't get explored as deeply as they could have been because you can't really implement logically complex, multi-step levels if you're effectively punishing the player for moving around.

Anonymous said...

If there were longer & more complex levels you might need an undo button.


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