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November 21, 2018

circuit design [browser]

Fix the circuit design by making sure that no connection crosses any other in this puzzler by Jacopo Notarstefano. You can only swap the position of two board components at a time by clicking on them.


Urban Garlic said...

I have a tiny complaint, but it's common with these kinds of puzzle games -- after I solve it, the mesh disappears and the next one shows up. Particularly at the higher levels, I'd kind of like a minute or two to just look at the solved grid.

Maybe that's just me.

Otherwise, it's very good -- the "swap" dynamic is a good way of keeping the meshes manageable while still allowing a large space of possible moves.

Hespetr3 said...

Good and interesting but quickly headache inducing...

The great unknown said...

I can't believe I solved the whole thing! I'm determined to work out a way to solve these with no trial and error. You have to put edge nodes on the outside (those that have the least neighbors), and then put neighboring nodes next to each other, but if the first one is in the wrong position, you have to start all over. I'd love to see a level editor, with rated user submissions. Great mindbending game.

Anonymous said...

That was short, but really fun! The last level took a little bit to figure how many strands were attached to each mode, but otherwise, I'd really like to see harder levels!


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