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June 10, 2017

prysm break [download]

Prysm Break is a stylish downloadable puzzle platformer created by DigiPen Institute of Technology game development students. You control three characters at once and must try to solve overlapping colour puzzles so you can reach the end of each level.
You can download this free game for Windows here.


Anonymous said...

Chill game, the sound design is also nice.

Wee Eck said...

Good game but difficult to navigate as the mouse doesn't work on the intro pages.

Anonymous said...

And you can't save your progress.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to check if the ??? changed after finishing the game.

Anonymous said...

The ??? changed to "Click Me" after you finished and then you can change the color palette to pastels and such and replay the levels.
You can tell that once they perfected the "color" engine, they were just having fun with it. Aside for some parts that had to be lined up right, you basically could not screw up, just keep moving/jumping as your droplet splits and changes colors over and over and eventually you get to the end all "white". :)
That was FUN! Thanks Bart!


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