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August 27, 2016

monkey happy stage 25, 26, 27, 28

Ready for some more monkey happy mini stages? Robin Vencel has made 4 new ones, enjoy monkey happy stage 25, stage 26, stage 27 and stage 28.


Stevens Miller said...

Does anyone know why the monkey looks so forlorn until the stage is complete? It's not like there's any pending threat or cause for such worry.

Burnt Ice Cream said...

dunno, game has always been that way, the writer has been doing it for years and it has never changed. My guess is that he wants the kids to see that he is sad and finishing the game makes him happy. Thus the name. IMHO
Thanks for posting this Bart!

Anonymous said...

Started as a kids game (3+) and the aim of the game is to make the monkey happy again. So, obviously, the monkey has to be clearly unhappy to start with ;-)

Stevens Miller said...

Yeah, but the poor thing look so miserable that, every time I play one of these games, I end up feeling like I should be donating to UNICEF.


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