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November 16, 2015

lighty bulb round 2

Another round of lighting the bulb puzzles by Ninjadoodle: can you light all the bulbs in lighty bulb round 2?


Anonymous said...

First!!! :-)
Thanks for sharing, Bart!

Anonymous said...

I made it to the level with the down arrow, 4 and the hashed 5. I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do.

vale.gentile said...

Same for me here. :(

vale.gentile said...

Edit: solved! Just keep it pressed... ;)

Wee Eck said...

I clicked on/off 4 times then held switch on.
I've got stuck at Aladdin lamp.

Anonymous said...

For the Aladdin lamp level, click, hold and "rub" the bulb itself.

pppolll said...

i need help; level with numbers 9669 on left and circles on a right

Anonymous said...

@pppolll: the circles show you how much of the numbre you need. like the first one ist 1/3 of 9...

Anonymous said...

pppolll: think of the circles as pies that you get a portion of.

PK said...

Stuck on "9669" and the four hands.

I have no idea what the hands represent. I thought maybe the two smaller hands meant "use half the number" and tried 9339 but nope.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand it, but apparently big hand means 'no' an little hand means 'yes'.

Tom said...

The last one was weird (9669 with hands). I eventually got it, but the justification was a bit thin.

Belz said...

For the last one I just kept trying, the result was (12,6,6,12).
Nice puzzles, needed help on the Aladdin Lamp one!

hespetre said...

The last one has to do with the hands on the clock. Which hand to pose on the right number...

Anonymous said...

stuck on the one with 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.....

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 19:27 The codes are mirror images.

Anonymous said...

Think of the hands on an analog clock. One is long, one is short...

Anonymous said...

Tom whats the answer

Tom said...

Well, I think the big-hand/little-hand clue is just as it was explained above. The big hand is always at 12 for an exact hour, so just use 12 for those, and for the little hands use the hour.

Anonymous said...

The last puzzle still is confusing, I still don't understand how that clue would help solve the puzzle.

Angela said...

the hands on the poster on the left are two sizes: big and little. if the numbers on the right poster are thought of as times (9 oclock, 6 oclock, 6 oclock, 9 oclock), then the size of the hand on the right poster corresponds with what that hand would be pointing to at the time symbolized by the number in the same position on the left poster.

For example, suppose the numbers were 3693 instead of 9669, and the other poster had BIG HAND, little hand, little hand, BIG HAND instead of BLLB. For the first dial, you'd picture 3 oclock. Where would the big hand be at 3 oclock? For the next one, you'd think of 6 oclock. where would the little hand be at 6 oclock? And so on: 9 oclock, big hand and lastly 3 oclock, little hand.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela, you explained that well; I finally get it now XD

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it, "down for 5," hold it down for 5 seconds. Silly and obvious from this side of the answer.


I think on the Addalin Lamp level you have to tip it over but I have never gotten past it.

Gamer Boy said...

I decided to share a NerveJangla walkthrough.
Level 1- Dunk the thing in.
Level 2- Drag the bar up and pull the black guy.
Level 3- Copy the person on the left.
Level 4- Click the odd one out.
Level 5- Throw the ninja to collect the yellow shadow blades.
Level 6- Make one that isn't on there. (first red, second white and third yellow).
Level 7- Another Yin 2 Yang but drag the green bar over the black guy to drag him to white.
Level 8- Match up.
Level 9- Scramble the word up so you can make god or dog.
Level 10- A reverse maze but on the first shoot you can go through walls.
Level 11- Find how many triangles there are(there's 5).
Level 12- Click on the bird and once he's below the bird, click on the bird.
Level 13- Drag the blue bar into the black guy to push him to the left and go to white guy.
Level 14- Another copy.
Level 15- Click the odd one out.
Level 16- Throw to collect don't touch the two bombs.
Level 17- Click on every part of the star once.
Level 18- Same as Level 2 but quickly drag black.
Level 19- Match up.
Level 20- Another scramble. Make mono or moon.
Level 21- Reverse maze.
Level 22- There are 14 squares.
Level 23- Deprickle the cactus.
Level 24- Drag the floor down and drag black.
Level 25- Another copy.
Level 26- Click the odd one out.
Level 27- Don't touch the 4 bombs but throw to collect.
Level 28- Click the first part of star then the second part of star and then the button.
Level 29- Drag black over the black bar and make it land on white.
Level 30- Match up.
Level 31- Another scramble. Make stone tones or notes.
Level 32- Extreme reverse maze.
Level 33- There are 13 lines.
Level 34- Hold the ninja and let him drag down the end.

6tfhdu said...

Well here walk through.
Level 1- Put the band aid on one of the switches. Click on the other.
Level 2- Click on the first button, and click on the last button 10 times and then click the light.
Level 3- Click on every second light.
Level 4- Second, last.
Level 5- 9669. Well, the timer is up. left, down, down, left.
Level 6- Hold on the light, don't let it go.
Level 7- Every time you press the second button, the light switches off.
Level 8- Mirrored numbers, click on that numbered light.
Level 9- Third, first.
Level 10- 9669. Well, the timer is down. Down, left, left, down.
Level 11- Click on the letters, in the order, LIGHTYBULB.
Level 12- Click on the first button 10 times then click on the last button 10 times.
Level 13- Numbered light but it said ground up.
Level 14- Well, get all lighted but it will do it's next neighbours and will inverse itself.
Level 15- 9669. Well, this makes 6996 but a quarter not done, full, half and quarter done. Right, down, right, down.
Level 16- Addalin Lamp! Well, click, hold and rub the light.
Level 17- Hold on the first button for a while and let go. Quickly, click the second button.
Level 18- Roman numerals, six, two, four, one, three, five.
Level 19- Same as level 14 but six.
Level 20- 9669. Well, big, small, small, big. Big will be up so that means small will be down. up, down, down, up.

Enjoy LIGHTYBULB 2 for a day and see you in ROUND 3.


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