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July 31, 2015

cube escape: case 23

Investigate the mysterious death of a woman, collect all the evidence and discover the gateway to Rusty Lake in the latest point and click game by Rusty Lake: cube escape: case 23.


Carly said...

OK, I was already grossed out by bugs crawling out of the victim's mouth. I guess this is not for me.

wimp said...

Phew, these Cube Escape games are extensive. Finished chapter 1, will come back later :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the first three chapters, but not the last one that was a race against the clock. I was also stuck for the longest time in my office until I figured out how to use the type writer.

Definitely one of the more difficult instalments, but a longer one again, so yay!

Tom said...

I think I encountered a fatal bug. I ran some water through the coffee maker, but without the coffee, which resulted in a pot full of water. But when I tried to pour the water back into the maker, it wouldn't let me. I also tried to empty the pot into the sink to start over, and again I couldn't. Seems like there's no choice but to start the game over, unless someone has an idea for how to reset the thing.

Tom said...

Finished. Yeah, the last part was definitely rushed.

Xexus said...

Good for you Tom for starting over. When I ran into that bug, I bailed.

Jana said...

I agree with the previous comments - that last part wasn't too great. I hate time pressure in escape games. Aside from that, I liked it. Really interested in how this is all connected.

Emily said...

Well. I finished the game, and only needed a hint for how to use the cigar. Last part would've been way too easy if it wasn't timed, though I agree a better was to fix that problem would've been to make it harder instead of timed. Whole game seriously freaked me out, especially that shadow thing.
I wish I had a typewriter like that though!

Anonymous said...

My sticky parts were:
not clicking bug 20 times.
not looking at ceiling 20 times.
some puzzles are moving others.
won't finish game if it is timer!

VV said...

Past, present, or future, there is no knowing what our poor police officer is going to have to investigate when he descends into the depth of this cryptic lake. I have enjoyed playing these and am pleased to see that things progress...whenever you survive. Thanks Bart.

NotMarian said...

AArgh. I made it to the chapel and then the game crashed. Lost all my progress.

I'll play again later on a better computer. Fun, but hard.

tam said...

Finally I was fast enough to escape the cabin.
Very good scary atmosphere.
Love it.


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