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October 22, 2014


The door is locked and the room is full of puzzles to be solved before you can escape: salvadoor, the latest escape the room game by TomaTea.


Yvonne said...


Angela said...

somehow stuck with 6 puzzle pieces and an eraser - I already collected some chess pieces, made a screwdriver, used that on the ladder and subsequently lost the screwdriver, and solved one drawer (the one with squares and circles).

EVERYTHING else I click gives me nothing except the "I have no idea how to solve this!" message which means I must be missing some item or info to solve the next possible puzzle, but I have run out of places to look!

And where the heck can I use an eraser??

Angela said...

dang that power of posting....

I hadn't examined my items carefully enough.

Turns out the puzzle tiles can be useful even before you've found them all!

Lulu said...

I've colored the pic but apparently I have something wrong. What color is the butterfly supposed to be?

Lulu said...

Nevermind! got it, had the chess piece the wrong color!!

deCarlo said...

@Angela: The eraser's for Salvador Dali.
Quite a brain teaser, but finally out. Love those tomatea-games!

Bob Dole said...


That was the only thing stumping me too! Thanks for that nudge it got me the rest of the way out.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant concept and artwork. Love the degree of challenge to Tomatea's games. Absorbing fun to solve the puzzles and a real feeling of satisfaction upon completion.

Anonymous said...

very nice game!

chefsinger said...

Another classic by TomaTea...he always seems to come up with new and unique escape puzzles. Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough Part 1


Initial view:

Fix the king. Note two pictures with a castle and doll-king. Use the buttons on the left picture to position the doll-king exactly like he is in the picture on the right. When you get it right, the red arm will move by itself (to four different clock positions). If you click the arm, it will repeat the motion.

Collect objects. Back up and you will see three tiles (by green egg, ship and chess pieces). Pick them all up. Note the color of the rook on the top shelf (orange). Pick up a pawn from the bottom shelf. Turn right to the side of the room with the windows and you can collect an additional tile.

Learn the shapes. Turn around a few more times until you see the clock and zoom in. Pick up the eraser and the tile next to the clock. Note the order of the circles and squares, from left to right.

Open cabinet #1. Turn left. Note the tiles on the easel. When you collect 11 tiles you will be able to complete this picture. Zoom in on the drawer to the bottom left. Click the circle and square in the order you saw on the clock (CCSSSCC) and then the bottom button. Collect a tile and a king chess piece.

Shapes puzzle. Examine the tiles you have and on the back of one of them you will see some concentric shapes. Zoom in on the cabinet below and to the right of the ship. Enter the shapes from the outside of the tile in (square, circle, upward triangle, downward triangle). Collect tile, yellow pencil and key.

Build the screwdriver. Examine the king chess piece. Look at the bottom of it. You can use the arrows to spin the arrow. Spin the arrow in the same pattern as the king’s red arm on the picture (go back and click the red arm of you forgot (but I’ll tell you: noon, 9 o’clock, 3, 11, 6). You will get a screwdriver tip. Now zoom in on the pawn and remove his little head so he becomes a handle. Add the screwdriver tip to make a complete tool.

Zoom in on the ladder. Remove the screws holding it against the walk. Move the latter closer to the middle of the room. While zoomed in on the ladder, go up the ladder. Use the key to open the lock on the ceiling. Open the trap door and go up into the room above.

Salvador Dali. Click on the etching with the woman made of drawers. Use the eraser on Salvator Dali’s name. Four letters remain. Also, examine the photo with 9 Dalis. Note which ones are upside down. Pick up the tile. Examine the melting clocks picture on the left and get the key from it.

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough, part 2


Portal puzzle. Click on the red portal. You will see a maze. Starting with the lower-left box, lick on the boxes one by one in order suggested by the arrows, counting ahead multiple spaces when there are multiple arrows (e.g. lower left, then one above that, then three to the right of that). If you do it right, you will click every set of arrows before arriving at the center square. The portal will open and you will see a lighthouse, but cannot do more with it yet.

Upside down Dalis. Go back downstairs and zoom in on the dresser under the plant by the windows. You will see a grid like the 9 Dalis. Click the ones where Dali was upside down. Get another tile and a blue pencil.

Letter combination. Click on the cabinet below and to the left of the ship. You need the four letters from the erased etching (ADOR). Get the tile and the red pencil.

Butterfly code. Use the key on the ship. You will see the butterflies flap a certain number of times. Note how many times each butterfly flaps. Go to the remaining unopened cabinet and select the colors in the order of the number of times the butterfly flaps (Y, B, R, G). Get a tile and binoculars.

Tile puzzle. You should now have 11 tiles. Go to the tile puzzle and put them on the easel and solve the picture. Now you are “prepared”! Back up and look at the bookshelf to the left. There is a piece of paper that shows you how to combine pencil colors to make additional colors.

Go back upstairs to where the lighthouse can be seen. Examine the binoculars and lift up the red/blue filters. Use the binoculars on the lighthouse. Note four shapes right to left (asterisk, star, heart, diamond). Go back downstairs and note the colors of the eggs with these shapes (B, Y, R, G). Also note the color of the rook (O), the clock face (Y) and the unused butterfly (P).

Using the pencils, color the eggs, rook, clock face and butterfly. Finished! Put the filters down on the binoculars and look at the eggs in the completed picture. See the roman numerals. Enter the roman numerals on the clock (VIXI). Get the door key.

And, out!

Lizzie!! said...

Thanks, Angela for the hint. Never before had the tiles been used for anything but slider puzzles. Darn that Tomatea! Awesome escape, as usual.

Gwenda said...

I love the Tomatea escapes! Finally managed to finish one without having to check for hints, yippee!
Thanks for posting it, Bart!

Anonymous said...

v=NGrLb6W5YOM first time ever I got out of a Tomatea all by myself! Hurray! Here's a song to celebrate:

Anonymous said...

First time ever I got out of a Tomatea all by myself! Hurray! Here's a song to celebrate:

Stevens Miller said...

I can't get the pencils to color anything on the drawing. Do I have to click in some special way or something?

Anonymous said...

@Stevens Miller make sure you have it put together correctly with the rook on the left, and the butterfly in the top right and the eggs should be held in two hands facing toward each other

Stevens Miller said...

Yeah, we put it together right. The games says, "Prepared" when you do. According to comments on jayisgames, the problem was that we were using Chrome, and the pencils just don't work in Chrome.


V V said...

As always a good game from Tomatea. I really enjoyed to puzzles in this one and the music was pleasant too. Thanks Bart.

Anonymous said...

sweet! I love these games! great job by TomaTea, and thanks to Bart for posting it!


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