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September 04, 2014

the salt pleeease

The salt pleeease is a fun little puzzler/toy created by Léon Denise for the 'connected worlds' themed Ludum Dare 30 game jam.


DonutLover said...

The art on this one is very good at conveying the feel of the table. The puzzles start nice and simple, but leave you frustrated when the hands will not stop overlapping! Nice game, thanks Bart.

Z said...

Gah! Accidentally grabbed one of my bookmarks and now I have to restart! Nice game!

Jade Green said...

Great game! (Unfortunately it glitched on me on the 6th table and the salt was no longer grab-able!)

dyork said...

Nice idea, but the mouse behaviour is a bit awkward. It's far too easy to click out of bounds, and that makes for a restart, and it doesn't save progress...

Bummer! I gave up on the third time.

Unknown said...

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