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June 30, 2014

knight slider

Twist the levels, KO the goblins, get the key and reach the exit in each level of the puzzler knight slider by FlashChaz and CKP Engine.


jj said...

Nice one, not too hard, love it

Anonymous said...


Me! said...

I'm second!

-k said...

Fun game! Some of the levels were challenging for trophies, but most were straight forward and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this with us, Bart!

Me! said...

The level code for my level:

j6iD5TlBmtyChqQ0GKnYeMbJgfLzrUIwPdupE3FvZ74xXROocsS2N8kVHAW1a9LEVEL NAME€2tj6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiiij6iiiiiiiiii6iiiiiiiiDD6iDiDiDiiGD6Dii0DtDiiD6iiDQiiiiiD6iiDiimDiiD6iiiDDiiiiD6DiiiiiDiiD6iDiiiDiiDD6iiiiiiiiii

Me! said...

New code:


Kati said...

cute game, but one needs to get used to the spinning ^_^ I love the sound effects and the animation too ^_^


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