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March 11, 2014

low battery

Make sure you don't run out of energy when trying to reach the exit in each level of the puzzlescript puzzler low battery by Robin Clarke.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great game!

Anonymous said...

Nice but why oh why no reset button? All puzzlescript games have reset functionality.

tam said...

No reset button made me more responsible for my moves... and so wise... ;)

Joel said...

That was a cool story!

Anonymous said...

No undo feature either.

Mantaraya said...

Thanks Bart!
I think this was my favorite puzzle script game so far. I wasn't that impressed after the first few levels, but it seemed to get better and better.

Also, undo and reset features are unnecessary for this game. Just move a few more steps to reset, and if there was an undo feature, it would significantly change the puzzle dynamics. Kind of like having an undo feature if you were playing "Simon".


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