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January 30, 2014

puzzle dash

Good old Boulder Dash in the form a puzzlescript game, it's Puzzle Dash by Jere Majava.


Anonymous said...


Great game by the way

eightoclock said...

This is the most advance puzzle script game I have seen yet. It goes beyond just pushing stuff around. And it is a good game too.

Emily said...

This game is so hard! It took me about 10 tries to get past level 1 because I kept exploding and I couldn't figure out why.(Rock fell from 2+ spaces onto me- but it happened so quickly it was hard to tell) Then for level 2, for some reason half the time the thingies go on set paths, and then half the time they follow me and I can't get away from them.

Anonymous said...

Best P.S. game yet. If this was the standard when we started looking at them I would not have complained so much.

Anonymous said...

After clicking "hack" to see how it is done ...
Over 400 lines of rules, but only 100 lines for the 6 levels =

dyork said...


I played the original Boulderdash and this feels very close. I am extremely impressed that a script language like this one can be used with such effect. Congratulations to all concerned.

Two points. First, the lack of SAVE or level select is really annoying.

Second: the original Boulderdash allowed you to outrun falling blocks, and some levels depended on it. This one doesn't.

dyork said...

Anyone solved the level after the big empty one after the one it says is last?

Most of it is easy enough, but the 3x3 boulders in bottom centre has me beat.

dyork said...

Got it! You can outrun the boulders!

That's the lot.

Anonymous said...

Addicting and challenging fun.

Anonymous said...

how do you get past the rocky road level?


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