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November 22, 2013


Slam all the rocks back into place in every level of the puzzlescript puzzler sokoslam by Aaron Steed.


Anonymous said...

Am I first ? COOL!

Unknown said...

I've played for about 2 minutes and I'm already stuck.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Hate to complain, but I'm stuck too soon as well.
It really need hints or walkthoughs as otherwise never wind up playing these kind of games, whereas the ones with help I return to see if I recall the 'hint' and enjoy the game in full time and again.

Frustrating not to be able to get going in the game, let alone not finishing it.
Still the best game site on the net though! :)

Anonymous said...

Made it to the level with four bombs dead center in a 'plus' sign and eight rocks around them with the X in the center.. couldn't make it past that.

Turridan said...

Completed after quite a challenge. All it said at the end was "that's better"

Anonymous said...

Anyone up for an "obfuscated puzzle script" contest?

Stage name said...

Engjoyed this Puzzlescripter too. Amazing what can be done with some simple "parameters."

For those who want to skip levels they're stuck on, you can go to the "hack" page, delete the puzzle or puzzles you can't solve, save, then "run" and you'll get a "new" version of the game without those puzzles. Or you can switch the order of the puzzles with cutting and pasting. Or even add your own new levels (assuming they compile).


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