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January 18, 2013

escape the classroom

You fell asleep after class, so now you have to escape the classroom, the latest escape game by Selfdefiant.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes a good old escape game! These are my speed because rarely do I need a walkthrough to complete it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a flonga game but it has another hooda something on it?

Golden_Zucchini said...

You might want to be careful with the citric acid. I accidentally made it disappear and had to start over again.

Anonymous said...

^ Thanks Gold. That helps me alot.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many codes. Not in the mood for this torture

Anonymous said...

It's too hard for me. There are too many codes .... I can not figure out :(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry... I couldn't resist

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha...nice one...
I think I will find some old games .... instead ;-) s

BF10 said...

Walkthrough is there if you click "Walkthrough" above the word "Hooda" in "Hoddamath"


Anonymous said...

Can you give me something verbal? Visual walkthroughs make no sense

BF10 said...

@ Anoymous 11: There's no visual walkthrough, you have to watch the video walkthrough.

We're sorry.


tam said...

I cannot believe that I needed help to find the yellow marble!!! :(((
Thank you, Bart, I had fun with this game!

NDW said...

A nice game not too hard. The clues for the puzzles generally are on the same screen as the puzzle except the box in the bottom drawer of the front right file cabinet and the final marble puzzle. Hope that helps. Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...


Your comment confuses me

Anonymous said...

Thanks NDW! Finally out!

Mr. Suspicious said...

I don't think this was Selfdefiant...

Anonymous said...

Well, I managed to finish without the walkthrough. I found the initial codes to be difficult as there seemed to be several ambiguous clues. Once I got the screwdriver it was pretty easy after that.

The Gordo said...

Enjoyable. Fairly easy, but I, too, accidentally lost the citric acid the first time around. Odd little glitch.

Thanks, Bart!

Lizzie! said...

This was not a typical Selfdefiant, if that was what it was. It was pretty easy, once I realized that the chalk star didn't mean 5, it meant one whole...and I'm a math teacher!

Escaper said...


Note chalkboard - shapes are clue for code for box in middle left file cabinet.
Take silver key from this box.
Take the mug on the desk
Note that fish is hungry
Note 3-digit code needed for box in right file cabinet (left side bottom drawer)
Go right

Note order of paint jars.
Note blank paper on table
Note gold key needed to get out.
Go right

Note 4-digit code needed for box in right most locker
Check under desks for red (sticky) marble
Use silver key to boys bathroom
In bathroom, turn on dryer to get yellow marble
Fill mug with water
Go right

Get red crayon from right drawer - use this on the blank paper to get the clue for code to red box in previous scene. Get screwdriver from this box.
Get acid from right cabinet
Pour into test tubes. Identify chemical colors. Use poster on wall to find the code for box in left cupboard. Note, there is 1 iron, 2 copper, etc.
Get green marble from color code safe.
Go right

Water first plant. Get blue marble.
Use screwdriver on heater panel. Turn on heat.
Note shapes on windows.
This is a clue for the 3-digit code box in second scene. Get black key from this box.
Use in left cabinet in science lab. Get fish food. Feed fish. Get white marble.

Put marbles in box in left cabinet in science room. Use order of paint jars.
Get gold key. Get out!

BF10 said...

Looking for the walkthrough?

Look at Escaper's post.

This can get you covered and completed.

There is a glitch with that you have to be careful with the citric acid. Don't lose it.

If you lose it, the safe will be locked below the science holders (or whatever it is)

If you lose the citric acid, the safe is this for walkthrough.

Yellow: 3
Green: 4
Blue: 1
Red: 2

I maybe mistaken. Sorry if I did.


Anonymous said...

Sorry bad English! No work on iPad!

Anonymous said...

Lizzie - I had the exact same confusion with the chalk star, and I've always been a good math student. That held me back for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

Also, before I found the screwdriver I kept trying to use the number of flowers in each pot as the blue-orange-green 3 digit code.

Moe said...

nice little escape game :)

m. said...


had to revert to the walkthrough but this was a good game. reminded me of a flonga game, also. thanks for posting, Bart!

Anonymous said...

This is KRIS.
love me some Selfdefiant room escapes.
another one done.
thanks for the link Bart. :o)

Anonymous said...

That's been easy, too me about 10 minutes only... :-)

NotMarian said...

Wow. Thanks for the clue to the safe with the color code. I think I was getting way too wrapped up in the fact that these were symbols for elements. Once I got that hint (the only one I needed) I was out!

Unknown said...

that was easy

carrett said...

I love how when you click on a poster it tells you how recylcing is important... and then you are forced to leave the water running in the boys bathroom.

Kati said...

got stuck with 4 marbles, but i loved the game!


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