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August 29, 2012


Move each square into an outlined area, but selected squares can only move if they are pushing another. It's the latest puzzler by Ozzie Mercado: push3m.


-k said...

Stuck on level 8, will attempt again later. So far, this has been challenging and fun! Thanks for this one, Bart!

tam said...

Level 8 is too much for me now. Not sure about tomorrow either... :)
Please, -k, let me know if/when you pass it: right now it seems impossible to me.

Thank you, Bart!

First!!!!!!!!! said...

no-one said it yet... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...FIRRRRRRRST!

Anonymous said...

The colors hurt my eyes! >_<

Anonymous said...

i did it!!! youkaaa

Anonymous said...

Level 7 is too hard on the eye -_-

Geewhiz said...

I love Barts games. My only complaint is they don't come out often enough.
This was a good one too.

Anonymous said...

the colors are random so if you get a bad combo just pop back to "levels"
then reselect till your happy.


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