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June 21, 2012

a word about "sugar, sugar 2"

My latest game sugar, sugar 2 has been out in the wild for a week now, so I thought it was time for a quick follow up post. First of all thanks to everyone who sent me compliments or left a comment! Also I'm happy to announce the game has already passed one million gameplays.
So did you already complete all 30 levels? If you did, please feel free to have a go at the freeplay mode to create a sugarpiece of your own and send it to me. In that freeplay mode you can erase lines, reverse gravity and even pause the sugar.
Did you know I'm showcasing the nicest sugar creations over at the bontegames facebook page? So make sure you like that page to receive those sugary updates!
I also uploaded the game on kongregate and newgrounds today.
Now in case you're still struggling to complete the game, I recorded myself completing the game over here in a 41 minutes non-stop session :) Cheers!


Emma said...

First! Wow, that is one really cool looking ice cream cone. :-)

Emma said...
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Anonymous said...

How does one submit their sugar art if you don't use facebook or twitter?

Bart said...

@Thor Just take a screenshot and send it to me:

-k said...

Congratulations Bart! So glad it's on Kongregate now too :)

Anonymous said...

it's snowing on my car!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bart...

Insead of:
"41 minutes non-stop session :) Cheers!"

It should be:
"41 minute non-stop session :) Cheers!"



Anonymous said...

Nice job on your sugar sugar game. I enjoyed playing through the levels. I know it's a good game when I come back for more with new ideas to complete a level. I also like how you remembered the levels I created.

Thanks for sharing.

Stevens Miller said...

I love the Sugar, Sugar games, but it is really hard to see the difference between orange and red. (They look like reddish orange and orangeish red, to me.) Also, the white chevrons on the pale blue teleporters are hard to see. Really got to my eyes on Level 30.

But, a great game.


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