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December 18, 2010

kaitai dismantlement: smartphone

A new dismantle puzzle: armed with only a screwdriver, can you dismantle the smartphone in kaitai dismantlement: smartphone?


Anonymous said...

first kaitai puzzle i've solved :D thx bart!

Rava said...

Solved! I love the kaitai games! But what a stupid mistake I made: I removed the battery before having completed all the puzzles! (DOH!)

Anonymous said...

How do I remove the batteri, the question thing number 3

Zenrage said...

Too easy, drill sergeant. Too easy.

Anonymous said...

I didnt get too stupid for this game xD

Anonymous said...

Got it!!!!

No walktrough, no explosions hihihi...

For puzzle #3, think that FEBRUARY is bigger than MAY in one aspect..

The Gordo said...

No walkthrough, one explosion. Really enjoyable! Thanks, Bart.

Anonymous said...


Click the power button on the bottom of the phone
You see it needs a numerical password, but you don't know it
Click the return button in the upper right corner
Now click it again to see the back of the phone

At the top of the back are the letters UPEX in colors
At the bottom is an arrow through colors
Click the arrow part 2 times and see it needs a 4 letter code
The arrow starts in the upper right corner one and goes down, left, and up
The upper right boxes of the arrow clue has blue and yellow
Start on the upper right letter, which is P
Read the colors blue and yellow and see they form the letter D
Next, read the yellow and blue part of the X and see a V
The green and blue part of the E forms an L
And the red and green part of the U form a J
Click the arrow part and enter the code


Hit close and return to see the back of the phone
4 screws now show. Click to remove them
Remove the phone back

On the back of the phone, there is a clue with an arrow in the black part in the upper left
Zoom in to see it
The arrows go through 2 lines of 5 squares each
Click return and then front
Turn on the phone
Note the phone numbers on the front have 2 lines of 5 numbers
Follow the arrow from the dot to the triangle shape and the line passes through


Hit enter

There are 3 puzzles you can now solve. Don't solve number 3 without doing the first 2 or you will take out the battery and the phone won't work

Note the phone needs a code for star, diamond, square, and triangle
there is a clock shape with those symbols around the lock symbol
Look at the times the animals chatted.
Star is your first letter. Star is 3 o'clock according to the clock symbol. 15:00 is 3 o'clock and chick chatted. The H in chick has a mark over it. H is your first letter. Diamond is 6, which is 18:00. Dog's D is marked. Square is 9, which is chick with the C, and 12 is Cat with T. So the code is

The lock symbol should open

Click return and enter puzzle #2

The letters LIOX are written in red, yellow, blue, and green. The highlighters at the bottom of the screen give you the order. Red, blue, yellow, green. So the code is


Click return and enter puzzle #3

JFMAMJJASOND are the months of the year. If you count the squares, you will find you are one letter short for each month – that's because the first letters are already given. Starting with F since it is leftmost, the 3rd letter would be B. For April it would be I, for September it would be E, and for December is would be E. So the code is


Now that you have all 3 beaten, click back to see the back of the phone
Click the black bottom part and then remove the screw
Click the top black part and remove the screw
Click the black battery on the right and remove the last screw
DON'T remove the battery until you have beaten all 3 puzzles!
Click the green to remove the backing
Now click the circuit
Remove the 2 screws from the warning plate
You now have 5 minutes to disarm the phone!

Click the shapes on the right and see cherries, kiwi, and bananas. The letters on the left match the locations on the right. Spell out each fruit with the shapes. So use bananas to spell banana, etc.
The pattern is



Click the bomb screw
If you mess up on the bomb code, and blow up, click the bottom right symbol on the gamescreen to restart from the bomb


FYI: That's how not to take your iphone apart. Please do not take your iphone apart if you're one of the lucky people to own one!

Anonymous said...

Disarming the bomb :

It might not be clear from the walkthrough, so i'll throw this in:

Each letter to the left represents a fruit. Each letter shown is ONLY in one fruit. so if the letter on the left is "A", it is bananna, because only 'bananna' has an "A".

bkonst said...

FYI: That's how not to take your iphone apart. Please do not take your iphone apart if you're one of the lucky people to own one!

Also, I should note that most likely there's no bomb in your iPhone.

Anonymous said...


lac515 said...

briliant i love these games,

Anonymous said...

solved it by myself!!! yay!

Jessica said...

This series makes me feel like the biggest idiot possible.

Coffeeteamix said...

wow, the easiest one yet =3 1st time no walkthrough, no explosion ^^

Rob said...

Scroll down for: Room Perfection.
Very nice little game...

jdoe said...

i love these dismantle puzzles :)))

Fikjen said...

I love these dismantlement games!!!

Carly said...

yay for katai!
this one was way too easy though...

Anonymous said...

It's Monday... Where's the new Minoto? That's the best part about Mondays, Minoto!

Bart said...

There's no new Minoto yet ...

Olavo said...

lol ;)

@Anonymous 18 December 2010 16:40
There's one 'n' short to spell "bananna". How it come?

Zenrage said...

Banana, not bananna

Anonymous said...

hey bart there is a new minoto game on the site but it wont let me go to it

Bart said...

Still no new Minoto I think ...


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