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November 06, 2010

monkey and secret army

Here's your point and click appointment with Minoto for this week: monkey and secret army.


Anonymous said...

The code of the antenna connected with the crab was cut.
The crab regained consciousness, and parted with monkey's girl.
The crab was being operated by someone.

The park and the girl monkey were safely liberated thus.
However, who was manipulating the crab?

Anonymous said...


early bird catches the worm.

Anonymous said...

second mouse gets the cheese

Anonymous said...

That scene when the bear jumps off the board was just weird.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked it. It looked like a piece of manga. Is it common in these minoto games?

Anonymous said...

No, this manga fragment is kind of new!!! I think that the animation of the minoto's games are improving.

Anonymous said...

I get the monkey in the title, but where's the "secret army"?

This one looks like a series with the whole "However, who was manipulating the crab?" thing.

Anonymous said...

Minoto seems to be getting better and better with his english translation.

NotMarian said...

Thanks, I needed that.

NotMarian said...

Who was manipulating the crab?? Ah... that is the question.

That was was good! It was harder than the werewolf ones. It's also the first Minoto i've seen in which you have to be quick to do one action while another action is happening.

Anonymous said...

With Gulliver (I think it was that one), you had to be quick too with clicking the dragon and then the fire.

Anonymous said...

Good game as always, but what is up with starting the game by pointing out a key lying on the ground? It makes even less sense than the Engrish stories. :s

Anonymous said...

That bear scene was so random XD.
I love minoto games. <3

Anonymous said...

I love how they've managed to get the word "thus" into their story. Makes me feel I should use it more in everyday speech.

mrs olaf said...

Can't believe I'm stuck! Walkthrough?

Boris said...

A Giant Enemy Crab!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I loved it when the bear went like おおおおおおっ!
That was new!

Anonymous said...

Yes agreed the bear part was awesome. It kinda bugs me that they point out the key at the beginning, but still love Minoto games :)

Anonymous said...

this is so funny haha :D

Anonymous said...

too short

Anonymous said...

I have some pliers, a claw, a bucket of water, a key, and a bunny who makes the crab shake, but now i am stuck, help plz

Angela said...

Use the claw on the window in the room with the sun - the board comes free for you to use in another scene

midge11103 said...

Okay, I give up.....all you smarty pants who figured it out just as Bart posted it....can you help us (or me) not so smarty pants give us a hint how to finish this. Thank you.

Peter said...

Tell us where you're stuck so we don't have to waste time on a complete walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

Here's a walkthrough!

-Go right. Use the key to open the gray chest. There's an empty bucket inside.

-Click the bear to make him climb the ladder to the platform. Go right.

-Click the man with the jetpack. He's trying to reach the target on the ground, but the cloud keeps blowing him back.

-Click the rope to raise/lower the tan block.

-Clicking the baby dragon makes it shoot a fireball. If the tan block is lowered, the blue block will catch the fireball. Go right.

-Turn on the faucet and fill your bucket with water. A pair of pliers will float to the top of the basin. Grab them.

-Notice the boarded-up window. Go back left.

-Perform the fireball trick again, but this time, pour the bucket of water on the fireball. It cools down and becomes a regular ball. Grab it and go back all the way left.

-Place the ball on the bird's tee. Pick up the crowbar and go all the way right.

-Use the crowbar pry the board off the window,which wasn't broken. Go left 2 screens.

-Use the board on the platform as a makeshift diving board. Grab the crushed ice and go back right.

-Fill the bag on the floor with crushed ice. It seems that was all it took to instantly cure the sun. It won't be needing the mask anymore. Take it. Don't worry about germs, it's been sterilized at millions of degrees. Go left.

-Put the mask on the cloud so it can't blow the man in the jetpack away. When he lands, you can take his jetpack. Go left.

-Give the jetpack to the dog. Once the dog flies away, take the chain and go left.

-Fix the swing with the chain and click it. When the rabbit is swinging, the crab is distracted. That gives you the opening you need to cut the cord. Click the swing, QUICKLY use the pliers on the cord, and the crab shuts down. The end.


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