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July 12, 2009

demolition city

Place your dynamite with care as you blast your way through the physics puzzler demolition city by Joey Betz.


Anonymous said...

FIRST! cool.


DarthMom said...

finished. final score $270,153
probably not a great score, but oh well I prefer the escape games myself.

Anonymous said...

Nice game as it reminds me of the NG demolition series on TV. Solved all levels, the last one took several times to solve. Thanks for this little timewaster ;-)

Thijs said...

$270,700! Love these physics games.

Anonymous said...

stupid game, in my opinion

Anonymous said...

$279,823.. you should combine this with the penguin. the key was inside of him all along ;)


Unknown said...


agnes said...

haha $259,714 or sth like that. i know my score sucked, but i reeeeeeally enjoyed this one.


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